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In one of those wonderful moments where names in casting just line up perfectly, the role of Doctor Strange's assistant and friend Wong will be played by Benedict... Wong!

The actor, who starred as Bruce Ng in The Martian last year and as Kublai Khan in Marco Polo, was confirmed as Benedict Cumberbatch's sidekick today by The Hollywood Reporter.

In the comics, Wong is a martial arts master who started training with the Ancient One at the age of 4. Despite his incredible skills, his role as a manservant kept him from spending too much time actually fighting. After Doctor Strange returned to America from his training, Wong was sent to help him in his journey.

Although Wong is not a magician, his martial arts ability is higher even than Doctor Strange's, and he was involved in the Sorcerer Supreme's training as a fighter. Now, he helps his master and friend by healing him, protecting him when he is projecting his soul out of his body, and generally acting as his assistant.

In the film, we can assume that Wong and Strange will meet in Tibet, and that Wong will return with Strange to the US for the rest of the film. Beyond this, we'll have to see what the pair get up to. (And if Benedict Wong will be shaving his head!)

Wong joins Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One, and Rachel McAdams (whose character is yet to be revealed).

'Doctor Strange' comes to theaters Nov 4th.


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