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We've known for a long time that DC is keeping their film and TV universes separate, and that both would include a version of the fastest man alive. TV's Flash appears on The CW's series The Flash, played by the adorable Grant Gustin. On the big screen, fans will see Ezra Miller bring his version of Barry Allen to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice later this year.

Obviously, having two versions of the same character at the same time invites comparison. Since the casting announcement last year, fans have been debating the differences between the two actors. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, either. Both Flashes will have their strengths and weaknesses, and a friendly discussion of those can be fun for all involved.

The JLA Special Fallout

This week, as Arrow, The Flash, and the new Legends of Tomorrow returned from the mid-season break (or premiered, in the case of Legends!), DC fans got a special Justice League-themed treat. A special titled Dawn of the Justice League aired, hosted by Kevin Smith. The show revealed lots of new footage, information and concept art for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and fans were thrilled!

Some Flash fans, however, took to twitter after the special aired to declare their preference for Grant Gustin over Ezra Miller, and things got a little ugly. While most were simply showing support for Grant, others went so far as to put down Miller, and even to suggest that Gustin himself was anti-Miller-as-Barry-Allen, and putting him down.

Grant Speaks Out

This afternoon, Grant addressed the issues on his own twitter page, reminding fans that he's a huge supporter of Miller as the big-screen Flash.

In his post, Gustin expressed his disappointment at having words put in his mouth, and reminded fans that while he appreciates their support, he doesn't want anyone being rude to Ezra Miller.

Be Like Grant

Undoubtedly, comparisons will happen once we see Miller in Batman v Superman. However, it's important to listen to Gustin and make sure that when we talk about the differences between these two young actors, we aren't assholes about it. Gustin has had a year and a half to win our hearts as Barry Allen, and Miller definitely has his work cut out for him living up to this. But we haven't even seen him on screen yet. Miller could be better, worse, or just plain different. It's more than possible to talk about how fantastic Gustin is on screen without bashing Miller.

So by the time that we do see Miller's Flash, let's try to remember to be kind in our comparisons. After all, Grant is smart. Be like Grant.


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