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Cassius Coleman

While I have yet to read the prequel novelization 'Aftermath' I still have some comments I generated after reading the aforementioned article. The Star Wars franchise is a three+ generations strong property. It did not need to borrow, or even rewrite any of the preexisting Expanded Universe material in order to be grand and successful.

It seems filmmakers today are too well entrenched in a model of filmmaking that is bereft of passion (unless is for money), creativity and imagination. People may think all those elements are in there but only by default. While I am

a huge supporter of the EU, I would be the first to admit it had it's flaws. However that does not mean it is deserving of being ousted and done away with only to be raped and pillaged by unadventurous, lazy, money-first, and mainly studio heads. The same exact trope utilized by JJ Abrams and his Star Trek cronies was implemented in Ep 7. Make a big huge stink about a large body of work and getting rid of it, for quite literally no-good-reason (I mean I haven't heard a credible reason for it yet, please feel free to inform me) and then taking the very thing you inferred you hated or wanted nothing to do with and changing a few minor details to call it "new" and original.

Dude. Cop out city man. Pure Laziness.

So here's where I'm at: As soon as I pinpointed the familiar plot elements Lucas set up years ago, I could not fully enjoy TFA. I know a lot of people love to know every single detail of a movie a 4 years before it hits theaters, and that's fine...for them. There was once a time when all you got was a 47 second trailer or longer and then had to wait until the movie dropped in theaters and Drive-ins. You can still have an exciting cool movie ALONG WITH SURPRISING the audience, no matter how rabid and how desperately they wanted to know every single detail.

Today, society is treated like spoiled, whiny kids; they make all this noise, and just to shut them up, you give them whatever they want. And that's just poor, lazy, bad parenting. No, folks, you do not have to capitulate to every demand your adoring public makes of you. You can show a little tough love and hold back on 10 or 20 things. The author of the previous article said something along the lines of using an established EU character in TFA would require exposition.

No offense to her, but that's what happens when you tell a riveting, compelling story to people. There's going to exposition. No matter what you do, there is exposition in all things of story and storytelling.

With the confirmation that yes; they WILL BE USING most if not all of the jettisoned EU, my fan balloon just deflated. I couldn't be excited for a lot of what I watched. Yes there were some very cool scenes and some very cool additions to the saga, but there were also lots of really dumb, puzzling things that didn't make any sense and just pulled me out of the story.

About a week after it's release, if not sooner, the internet ignited with media marketing alluding to deleted details and what not filling in the gaps and demystifying the puzzling aspects of the movie. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't an issue related to the EU that not all fans read any of those books?

And in a day and age where I'm not entirely certain super fans of the movies (including the original ones) would want to spend or take the time to follow up with thinly veiled marketing gimmicks to get the full scoop. I think Disney just shot itself in the foot. You might just end up with those of us hardcore fans buying these new books, because we are the hardcore of the hardcore fans and we actually did read the EU. We might read this new canon fodder just to see how much they ripped off the original classic EU.

At the end of the day and at the end of this article they could've just made other choices that didn't lean so heavily on the jettisoned EU and totally forged their own new path. And they still would've made a bajillion dollars in the process. And give me a freaking break with all these white people producing movies that happen in space and there only being sporadic black beings throughout. Miss me with that mess. It's purely ignorant and blatantly prejudiced. It's like their message is even out in far flung reached of the galaxy blacks and Hispanics and other cultures are nearly non-existent. So how is it whites are always portrayed as so dominant? B. S. I call B.S.

All I can say is that whoever snoke ends up being or having been inspired by, I hope it truly does come from an original and highly inspired place. But with Disney playing the same old transparent and flat storytelling tropes Lucas left as a bad taste in out mouths, I can't say I hold out TOO much hope. Today's Hollywood is too predictably boring to keep my interest. And I've been let down by one too many movies and franchises to even consider thinking something better will come along. Certainly there will be superior movies coming out, both in the star wars wheel house and beyond, but right now, the way things are going it's going to be hit and miss and few and far between. I'll be online watching them all for free or wait them out on Netflix or anywhere else I can see them for next to nothing, if not nothing at all. Just one man's Opinion


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