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Are you ready?

Mark your calendars ladies and gentleman for the 15th of February as it is the last Gravity Falls episode. And I will do a fitting goodbye as well as a review, of the show that made me laugh, cry and reignited the best memories, and the best feelings that is the child-like wonder of Mabel, and the other side which is the analyzing and overthinking Dipper.

Now as we know, it's going to be a bumpy ride. And according to Alex

It's going to be a 45-minute show, 1-hour with commercials

-Alex Hirsch

But that's not the most important thing of course. The most important thing is the debate on who will survive weirdmageddon, and as we know from the cipher at the end of the second weirdmageddon, it's a Pines who will be the most affected as it says;

Now let's see which Pines' survives

Creepy but nonetheless, we'll see what happens. Obviously Alex has denied that a character is killed and said that he never said anyone would die.

But then of course what would the cipher mean then?

So, anyways, my theory is that Ford doesn't survive, but then again in the new trailer

It looks like the people in the shack are all sad and crying which would then heavily imply that it might be Stan who does not survive.

So here's the real deal, Stan and Ford both don't survive and the original mystery twins are sacrificed because they both want to save the town, and defeat Bill Cipher and let everything return to it's natural state.

Then, what about Time Baby, well, Time Baby will come back and the 1000 years they're talking about is in his time period, and remember that time is dead, so it could well mean that if it isn't in his time period, then all of the Gravity Falls character's biological clocks are all put on standby. That's why their still the same age.

Obviously we won't know until the day of the end. And I really hope that it won't end but, I know that summer can't last forever, and that

Everything is different now

So, I hope to join everyone in the end and hopefully everything will be revealed, and that it's going to be the best of the best, but it's Gravity Falls and I know everything is already the best. And honestly I'll still follow Alex Hirsch and even in his new tv show that he's going to do with Fox, I'd definitely watch it.


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