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Renee Price

"Intense" is one word to describe Her. Joaquin Phoenix portrays a somewhat recluse that is still hung up over the end of this marriage, and not wanting to dive into much human contact he buys an operating system that is designed to personalize itself to the user's mind and emotions. Scarlett Johansson plays the voice of the OS that Joaquin's character develops a close relationship with. At first it might come off as silly and a little embarrassing to watch, but as the movie continues and the ever so convincing voice of Scarlet Johansson becomes even more "human," it starts to pull you in. I began to forget that the voice was meant to be just a computer program. I think Spike Jonze tries to poke at the flaws of human relationships, advanced technology, and our growing lack of human interaction to show us inside a slightly futuristic world of intelligence between people and computers. It was a well directed film, and I couldn't imagine a more complete ending.


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