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Renee Price

Just like Gone Girl, here is another Gillian Flynn book turned film where the dark and depressing meet once again. 25 years after the brutal murder of Libby Day's (Charlize Theron) family, in which she testified that her brother was the killer, she is approached by a man (Nicholas Hoult) and a group of people who like to search the truth in mystery cases. They believe that Libby's brother was not the real killer and wanted to unravel the truth. Libby herself doesn't even remember much of that night long ago, and was lead into testifying in which her brother did take the full blame of the murders.

Now that we have some of the plot out of the way, I did enjoy this movie. It has been awhile since I have seen this type of suspense. You'll be kept wondering what really happened that night and wondering if the brother really did murder the family or not. It has the drama and the mystery like Gone Girl, but with more of an acceptable conclusion. I thought the movie was depressing in many ways, but you kind of get pulled into that type of emotion from the beginning. Charlize Theron is perfect for this role and her haunting sadness puts viewers in their own dark place. I can't really say too much more about it without spoiling the story. but I will say it is worth the watch if you are into suspense/mystery.


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