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The Sorcerer Supreme, a.k.a Doctor Strange, recently cast a certain part, that is essential for Cumberbatch's Strange.Benedict Wong (Prometheus, Marco Polo, The Martian), was cast as 'Wong' - he'll play Stephen's protector in the form of Sidekick Wong! Originally designed in the 60's, as more of a 'manservant', Wong provides Strange with vital camaraderie, he also helps Doctor Strange in inter-dimensional travel - Wong even went into space once, or twice!

Benedict Cumberbatch will star as Stephen Strange,Benedict Wong as Wong, alongside Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo, with Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen, Transparent’s Amy Landecker and martial-arts icon Scott Adkins also set to appear in mysterious, thus far unknown roles.

He is a monk, that was trained since childhood at martial-arts. He originally served the Ancient One - but since Strange took up the mantle of her disciple, she thought it would be best to move with him to New York, in the Sanctum Santorum. Some thought they would go the non-Asian route, to avoid ethnic-stereotypes - but Marvel, as per usual, nabbed another talented actor!

'Doctor Strange' hit theaters on November 4th, 2016!


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