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Is Avatar 2 really scared of Star Wars: Episode 8 dominating the December box office in 2017? This last week, news broke about Star Wars being pushed back to December of 2017 — and this made tons of fans excited to see which one of these juggernauts would win in the box office heavy-weight match of the century!

Calm down, James Cameron recently made comments about how he was targeting the holiday season (that's not going to happen). This ruffled some fans' feathers, and the truth of the matter - Fox wants to have all three pictures, because Avatar 2 is not being filmed as a single film, and they want all their (Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, WOW) release dates set before the announcement. The studio has an extraordinarily complex plan, they want to satisfy fans - with the follow-up , to the biggest movie of all-time. With this monumental pressure facing Fox, one cannot blame them for wanting to make sure they're doing the sequels justice!

In December, Cameron noted that the scripts are still being worked on at the moment. Cameron is planning, an unprecedented shooting schedule - shooting all three movies at the same time. This makes what Peter Jackson did, well still impressive, because Lord of the Rings were excellent (not The Hobbit trilogy- three movies, from one book)!

This is most likely good news, for all interested parties, because this ensures maximum success for both franchises - by being able to agree on release dates that would work best for both worlds. Also, as a fan, this is a great sign, that the sequels are being handle in a way - that suggests they'll deliver on the massive hype.

I can already hear the people screaming 'no one cares about Avatar' !(I personally think that the man who gave us The Terminator, forever awesome!) They'll also say, the film was delayed again, that should tell you it's setting us up for disappointment. Avatar was the highest-grossing movie of all-time - and that should warrant all the time Cameron needs to guarantee quality! I must admit, I am not an Avatar fan, and I love Star Wars, almost as much as Marvel's or DC's Cinematic Universe. James Cameron is the most successful director of all-time, and we should expect nothing, but the best from the man!


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