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I would just like to make a few things clear. Anastasia was 17 years old, She wasn't a child like everyone assumed she was. Nothing that happened in the movie actually happened to her in real life. The movie was based off the rumor that Anastasia was still alive. It wasn't even for sure that it was Anastasia that was alive, there was plenty of rumors that her brother Alexi was actually alive as well. This movie is based off the most popular woman that portrayed herself as Anastasia. Anna Anderson. Anna Anderson claimed to be the royal duchess two years after the family was executed. She was found on a bridge, she was attempting suicide. When she was brought down from the failed attempt, police took her to an asylum where she refused to talk. Until one day she told her nurse that she was the Grand Duchess Marie. When asked again she proclaimed herself as Anastasia and said she never said she was Marie. Anna Anderson had a lot of the same characteristics as Anastasia, A foot deformity as well as bullet and stab wound scars. She was interviewed by some of the surviving Royal family and some of the Romanovs old tutors. None of them believed that she was Anastasia. She claimed to be the Grand Duchess until she died. When ever the two missing bodies were found (Alexi and Anastasia) They did dental work and found out that the missing bodies were the last two children from the Romanov family. Proving that Anna Anderson was nothing more than an impostor. It has been told that Anna Anderson had accidentally set off a bomb at the factory she worked at, killing her husband and most of the staff. She felt so guilty she tried to take her own life. To get away from that life she Proclaimed herself to be the missing Grand Duchess.

Another thing, the Tsarina never had sex with Rasputin. She believed him to be a holy man. She loved her husband and her children very much. Rasputin was like a comfort blanket for her, he would heal her son with his prayer and that was enough for her. Rasputin ended up being a close friend of the families. He was assassinated because the people felt that the Tsarina and Him were getting too close and they feared that they were secretly for Germany.

Also, the family was moved to the Ipatiev house, which is also known as "The House of Special Purposes." Thats where they were killed. Yurovsky came in a few months after they were moved, and replacing the guards with seven new guards known as "Lett Detachment" because he knew that if he didn't replace the guards that had been there with the Romanovs he may not be able to go through with his plan. The Royal family was not treated badly, they were treated with respect. Many of them had personal journals they would write in daily. Proving that the rumors of them being treated harshly and mistreated were false. It was also stated that when Yurovsky told the Doctor to get up the family, they were all very calm. They were told they were being moved once more because the enemy was closing in. They were all very calm until they found out they were about to be executed. Which Yurovsky had to be drunk to do. there was only 5-8 guards in there that killed them. Anastasia and Marie were the last two to die, because when they were injured and mistaken for being dead. They put up a fight. They were hit in the face multiple times with the butt of a bayonet. If you want to find out more, this website really lets you in on some more of the Gruesome details.


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