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So Grimm Season 5 really hasn't been pulling its punches has it? From the explosive premiere episode which saw the birth of Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and Adalind Schade's (Claire Coffee) son Kelly Schade-Burkhardt to the mid-season finale which revealed a new character in the guise of an old one, it's all kicking off with Grimm right now.

There's no way to talk about this without spoilers, so here we go...

The trails of parenthood start to sink in
The trails of parenthood start to sink in

After the corruption and death of the woman Nick intended to marry — Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch) — many fans were excited about the prospect of a relationship developing between Nick and full-time thorn in his side Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee).

During Season 4, when Juliette was struggling with her biesty-side, Adalind was carrying Nick's child. The child conceived under the effects of the Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester potion Adalind used to strip him of his Grimm power at the end of Season 3; the side effect of reversing was what turned Juliette into a Hexenbiest, leading eventually to her death.

But now she's back (sorta) in the form of the mysterious Eve, so what does this mean for Nick and Adalind? The birth of their child, conceived under not quite the best of circumstances, was a highly awaited moment for many fans as it meant that the two long running enemies would now have to find a way to work (and to an extent, live) together.

Given that Adalind did cause the death of Nick's true love (however indirectly), it seemed unlikely that Nick would be looking to jump into bed with her (again) even if she is the mother of his child. But a new promo image from the mid-season premiere has been released and set speculation alight again.

Well, that looks more than just friendly, doesn't it?

Claire Coffee herself has commented on the "chemistry" between Nick and Adalind, and how her character has developed from Seasons 1 through 5. Coffee says that Adalind is happier now that she's no longer a Hexenbiest, and is trying to "do it right this time" in regards to building relationships with others, especially Nick and their son, Kelly.

And when asked whether or not Coffee thinks Nick and Adalind should get together romantically she didn't dismiss the idea but responded:

"Nick and Adalind have had that very aggressive and contentious chemistry from the beginning, since she was the first wesen that he saw, and she’s been a thorn in his side. So I do think they’re an expression of that saying that there’s a thin line between love and hate. They are inextricably linked, so it’s not so farfetched that they would get together."

However, she did go on to say that there's a lot happening in the latter half of Season 5, so if a relationship will develop there it's probably not going to happen any time soon.

Let's hope it doesn't go down like this again
Let's hope it doesn't go down like this again

All in all, it's looking pretty interesting for Adalind right now, especially as her character is going to get even more fleshed out as Season 5 progresses. She's come a long way from the witchy hexenbiest out for blood that we met back in Grimm Season 1 but getting her together with Nick might be one stretch too far at this current time, especially with the sudden and unexpected appearance of Eve.

Speaking of which, we can't wait for the inevitable Adalind / Eve showdown. Get your popcorn ready.

What did you think of the 'Grimm' Season 5 midseason finale? Do you think Nick and Adalind should get together? Tell us in the comments below!


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