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While getting groped at work is far from acceptable on any level, there's one occasion when we'd definitely let our morals slide. Namely, if Channing Tatum were involved. And it would seem Rebel Wilson feels the same way.

She doesn't just feel though, she knows. Talking to KIIS FM's 'Kyle and Jackie O Show' earlier this week, Wilson reminisced about the time she tricked the Magic Mike actor into sticking his hand down her top at the MTV Awards.

Answering a series of questions sent in by Twitter followers, the 35-year-old star explained why Channing Tatum is her favorite co-star (though by now you already know the answer).

In 2013 the pair shot a short comedy for the award ceremony together which features them driving around in a car trying to dodge a load of landmines. Things get a little hairy and resulted in Tatum sticking his hand down Wilson's top in a bid to locate her gun, which she's told him was hidden in her bra. Of course, it wasn't.

She giggled:

"Even though I haven't done a movie I did one day of filming with him for the MTV movie awards and he had to put my hands down my top and pretend he was looking for a gun in there."
"He really looked hard."

Did he look thoroughly? Was it a proper 'fondle,' asked the show's hosts:

"Oh yeah, totally, and like on the very first take. It was not like I even got eased into it. He just... underneath the bra."
"It was my favorite day of filming ever."

Rebel Wilson, you little minx! Totally understandable though, let's be honest.

Here's the moment in action:

Her jovial, sassy attitude is what makes Wilson such a lovable actress, and totally perfect for her next role in How To Be Single, a New York based comedy in which she spends time teaching 50 Shades of Grey's Dakota Johnson how to handle life as a single lady.

And, if her interaction with Channing Tatum is anything to go by, she knows what she's talking about.

How To Be Single is set for theater release March 3rd. Check out the trailer below:

Source: Daily Mail


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