ByGina George, writer at

I am writing a response to the boycott issue that is a easy thing to do if you have already made your millions and millions of dollars. I would think that your celebrity status could be used to help in other ways in the African American communities I recently watched a story on the news about schools in Detroit that have mold growing in them and no heat and hundreds of African American children are killed there on a weekly bases. Donate some of that money to help why worry so much about insignificant things like an award. I was always taught it is not what others perceive of you it is how you perceive yourself I do not need a gold statue to tell me I am a good person or that I have done a good job.

I have always loved Mr. Smith and have always thought he was a great actor an a award will not change that. However this TANTRUM might. It seems you may need to look inside yourself to see if maybe your priorities may need to be evaluated. I am going to pray for you and your family that you may find some peace within your own skin.

By the way there is all kinds of discrimination such as Class Color Origin so I do believe that everyone has felt some kind of rejection in a more normal way like not getting a job promotion you worked hard for or the raise you think you deserve but we in our everyday lives cannot protest because we have responsibilities such as lights water mortgage groceries that have to be paid so we keep on with a maybe next time because it is the only option we have.


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