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In [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267), Oscar Issac plays a villain, unlike any we've ever seen portrayed in an X-Men film.In the post-credit scene at the end of Days of Future Past, we witness quite possibly the first mutant - display powers, that might not be from this world.

Apocalypse's Mindset in the 1980's

The X-Men movies uses Mutants to display complex political issues - like homosexuality, treatment of minorities, outcasts, and bitter hatred for things we do not understand. Apocalypse will give the X-Men franchise its most unique villain yet - and Bryan Singer (Director of the upcoming X-Men film) elaborates more on ..... while he speaks with

“He believes with his heart that order is the only thing that’s going to save humanity, and he will provide that order at any cost… and for a person who begins as a unifier and then grows in power – What’s the old expression about power? Power does what? And what does absolute power do? Things just never go right, so that civilization goes down and he starts a fresh one.
“In this movie, something happens, he thinks he’s figured it out finally. ‘Oops,’ didnt really go well, he gets kind of buried and then wakes up, now he’s in a different situation than he’s ever been before… The Babylonians, the Sumerians, the ancient civilizations, and suddenly he wakes up in 1983. Now the world’s connected with television and radio. We see it as different civilizations, we see it as “super powers” as he says it, then the non-superpowers, the first world, second world, third, whatever. But to him it’s all just one giant interconnected, overly militarized, screwed up civilization that worships false idols and is self destructive, and needs to be refined and saved from itself.”

As Singer explains, Apocalypse to the uninitiated, one thing does come perfectly clear - this movie might live up the title of the film! What could an immortal god, waking up in the otherworldly 1980's - could possibly be thinking, and what action will he take to make his plans come to fruition? If I were almost omnipotent, then I would let the weak die, and see who survives. Singer, says if there's one word to describe him, 'BIBLICAL,' the X-Men: Days of Future Past director explains.....

“The way I describe him the best is he, to me, is the God of the Old Testament and all that comes with that. If there isn’t the order and the worship then I’ll open up the Earth and swallow you whole, and that was the God of the Old Testament. I started from there and when Oscar and I met we began discussing, since he isn’t really God, he’s the first mutant perhaps, but he’s not God necessarily. He’s imbued with certain unique powers. Some of them may or may not be from this Earth, we don’t know.”

Does the cinematic version of Apocalypse's powers, differs from his comic book counterpart?

In the comics, Apocalypse, easily had outlandish powers - which would not translate to screen, for fear of being too unrealistic. (we're talking about mutants, and yet people want realistic) There's always a certain point of being too strapping and invincible, and then underwhelming like, Eric F oreman as Venom. Bryan Singer, director of X2: X-Men United goes into detail on the difference with his version of Apocalypse......

“He moves from body to body. Apocalypse himself is not a physical form, he’s an energy. I don’t know what he is. What he does is he accumulates powers over the millenia by moving from body to body, and what’s wonderful is he thinks in the beginning of the film he’s found this great body. I don’t want to give away what the power of the body this mutant has but it’s a familiar one that you’ve seen a number of very famous mutants have. It kind of ends up being the wrong one because he gets stuck in it for a long time, but then suddenly he has this opportunity and that becomes his agenda."

“He has a number of different powers that he’s acquired over the years as he’s moved from body to body, accumulating these various abilities. One of them is to imbue other mutants and to heighten their powers and abilities beyond anything they ever imagined. Secondly he can shield from psychic powers, he can form shields so that it makes it harder for a psychic like Xavier to tap in and get to them. He’s not a psychic himself though. He can amplify your power, transform you as a mutant but his ability to physically damage, destroy, or build is in the non-biological world. That’s in the physical world, he can change the inorganic molecules of things."

If you are familiar with X-Men: The Animated Series, then you're wondering if he'll be able to manipulate his size? Maybe, and Singer teases that we won't find out the full extent of his powers, until the release, or someone violates a NDA. (DO NOT DO THIS, SERIOUSLY)

I must give praise to Fox, the casting agents , selected an actor of a generation - in Oscar Issac, and to think he will playing alongside Micheal Fassbender! Singer, director of X-Men had these comment to say about Poe Dameron! If you have not seen Ex Machina, you're missing out! Most people might not know this, Oscar Issac is a Guatemalan American, and to be honest I did not even know that until this article! Sorry Bryan, you were saying....

"He was our first choice. When we started talking about Apocalypse, it was back when we were making Days of Future Past and we started talking about who could actually play the part from the standpoint of who could hold the screen and even dominate the screen with Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, all the actors we have.”
“In terms of his ethnicity, we wanted it to be someone who wasn’t white so that was actually another part of the decision process, so that was a nice coincidence for us even though he’s not, as you say, Egyptian or Middle Eastern. But really it came from a place of who’s the best actor in the world to us who hasn’t already been in an X-Men movie [laughs] or some other superhero movie, because we couldn’t cast somebody from Avengers.”

Conclusion of Age of Apocalypse

After reading this glutton of information, I wonder if Apocalypse could possibly live up to what I have in my mental palace, playing non-stop of him crushing cities? One thing I do know, their's not a better actor to portray the Sultan of Survival. I am human, so the next logical thought, how does he compare to the other villains appearing in 2016?

The only other villains, I am more excited to see on the silver screen, are Harley Quinn and The Joker. Harley Quinn is easily my most anticipated villain to appear in a film this year - and Apocalypse is tied, in second-place, with the Clown Prince of Crime! After reading this vast amount of knowledge, about the upcoming villain, I expect one of the most intriguing performances of the year!


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