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Ahhhh, Deadpool. The Merc with the Mouth has earned the R-rating for sex, violence and profanity. Although we've been promised a superhero like no other, Wade Wilson is by no means the first controversial R-rated comic book character.

In fact, the below list contains scenes that make Deadpool look tame in comparison. Scroll and be disgusted at these controversial scenes:

1. 'Watchmen' (2009)

R-rated scene: The infamous incandescent phallus, belonging to the luminous Doctor Manhattan (Billy Crudup) is on show in all its glory. The scene certainly brings a new meaning to the term 'blue balls'.

R-rated scene: Zack Snyder's movie adaptation really doesn't hold back when depicting the rape/attempted rape of Silk Spectre (Carla Gugino) by The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) that features in the graphic novel.

2. 'Kick-Ass' (2010)

R-rated scene: Most of the violence involving Hit Girl is controversial, considering Chloë Grace Moretz was just 11-years-old at the time of filming. But it was her delivery of this infamous line that really got people talking:

"Okay you c**ts, let's see what you can do now"

The brilliant Moretz admitted at the time she'd be "grounded for life" for using the swearword, but her mother gave her permission to use it in the movie. Give her the parent of the year award!

3. 'V For Vendetta' (2006)

R-rated scene: The masked antagonist V orchestrates a symphony of BOOM by exploding the Old Bailey while Tchaikovsky plays in the background. The cultural context around the film's release made this a controversial topic.

So much so, the author of the graphic novel the film is based on, Alan Moore, distanced himself from the movie.

Regardless of its controversy, the Guy Fawkes mask V wears throughout has now become a symbol for anarchism across the globe, and is used by activist hacking group Anonymous.

4. 'Blade Trilogy' (1998 - 2004)

R-rated scene: Blade's (Wesley Snipes) brutal stand-off with Reinhardt at the end of Blade II (2002) is particularly not for kids, with Reinhardt finding himself split in two before turning to dust. Nice way to go.

The trilogy of Blade (1998), Blade II (2002) and Blade: Trinity (2004) all feature intense, Deadpool-esque violence while the barbaric dhampir Blade goes on his vengeful vampire hunting crusade.

5. 'The Punisher: War Zone' (2008)

R-rated scene: The Punisher (Ray Stevenson) unleashes hell on a group of mafia bosses in a violent and gory opening, and kills for fun while elegantly spinning on a chandelier. And some people say men can't multitask.

On the gore stakes, Lionsgate's live-action version of Frank Castle didn't disappoint. Rights have now returned to Marvel, and the character will appear in the second season of Daredevil.

6. 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' (2014)

R-rated scene: As well as tonnes of violence, the scene with Eva Green's Ava Lord seducing Dwight McCarthy (Josh Brolin), followed by noir intercourse, is certainly not for kids.

The follow up to Sin City (2005) was controversial before it had even been released thanks to the movie poster depicting Eva Green semi-naked. At the time, she told EOnline:

"I'm holding a gun on the poster—no big deal about the gun, it's all about my tits?!"

As a result, an edited version of the poster which some selective airbrushing nipped that one in the bud.

7. 'Dredd' (2012)

R-rated scene: The rousing shootout features one of the best pre-ass kicking countdowns in action film history, before enforcing the "sentence of death".

The rebooted version of 1995's Judge Dredd (featuring Sylvester Stallone in the main role) amped up the violence to 11 by really not holding back on the body count throughout its 96 minute runtime.


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