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In these most recent times, we can see that the cinematic universe is juggling three popular themes to make epic blockbusters. The rise of superheroes, villains, and the dystopian theme on TV and film cannot be denied.

A dystopia is an imaginary society where everything is bad and people are deprived, oppressed, and terrorized. It is where life is a misery. Some famous examples include book adaptations such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner, among others. These literary pieces envision a post-apocalyptic place run by a government where there is control and chaos at the same time.

Also a clear portrayal of a dystopian environment is the 2016 Academy Award nominee for Best Motion Picture, Mad Max: Fury Road. It's so intensely mad that it will put you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. It's a long chase to reclaim the naturally rich land and the freedom from Immortan Joe.

Dystopia, as a theme for a film, is becoming rampant and the audiences are showing huge interest in this. It is a good setting for a movie because it has all the elements needed for a great story. There is drama, tension, and action. People are curious as to what the dystopian craze is all about. They want to know how the protagonist will survive the hopeless situations. Every day is indeed a winding road.

Of course, a dystopian villain is also someone to watch out for. Is it a person? Is it an entire government? How would they die? How would the good guys take control of the dystopian leadership that will eventually lead to their happily ever after ending?

Speaking of villains, the bad guys of the DC Universe will now have their own movie! Thanks to Suicide Squad, people can get access to their point of view and understand their feelings, no matter how depressing and violent they can be. Some trailers and posters have been released, and everyone's excited for a fresh take on this antagonist side of things. It will give a deeper meaning to doing something bad. This will definitely change our perspective about evil. Or not!

Because who else would prevent the bad guys from dominating the world but the superheroes! DC and Marvel are still unstoppable when it comes to putting out every single superhero they have, to the point of even giving sidekicks a self-titled movie. Celebrities are wishing to play at least one extraordinary human character with superpowers in their lifetime. These characters are usually tied to whoever played them on screen. As they take over the movie industry, they are also making waves in television series.

Overall, we don't see the popularity of superheroes, villains, and the theme of dystopia dwindling any time soon. They will stay on top as long as the audiences want to see more of them in the years to come.


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