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The highly anticipated, P.T. inspired, phycological horror Layers of Fear has finally been given a release date, along with a truly terrifying launch trailer.

Layers of Fear is a first person "psychedelic" horror that is set to rock even the hardest of horror fans. The game is set in the Victorian era and follows the story of a "madness-engulfed, insane painter striving to create the work of his life."

From developer Blooper Team, we step into the shoes of an artist striving for perfection, the player will be dropped into the epicenter of a revolving nightmare fed with "obsession and tragedy" that will tear your nerves to shreds. The game will take the player through some truly horrific ordeals heavily laced with the supernatural.

It certainly does look and feel very similar to Kojima's P.T (not a bad thing), set in just one location, the player explores what are usually assumed to be safe environment that then transform and morph into quite the opposite.

We are also told that game draws much of its inspiration from actual, real life artworks, again this is clear to see when you look at the genetic makeup of the title. Layers of Fear looks stunning and offers up more of a psychological horror experience over that of jump scares.

"we believe we have done it - a horror game where the scares come from the setting rather than another rotten, faceless zombie that wants to eat your brain, and a game that stays with you long after you've played it."

It is a torrid, haunting depiction of how the decent into madness has encased the players soul - but will there even be an escape? That is something you will have to find out for yourself.

Typical, just as we had all managed to get P.T and Alison Road out of our heads. Layers of Fear promises horror fans far and wide many more sleepless nights! Layers of Fear releases on the 16th February for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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