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Just when we all thought it was over, when we finally had a fixed release date for what was the anticipated sequel to the smash-hit 'Avatar' in 2009 has now once again been delayed beyond Christmas 2017.

Although not confirmed by 20th Century Fox, The Wrap reports that individuals involved in the project have confirmed the delays.

For Avatar 2 this is now the second delay, the sequel was originally intended to be released of Christmas this year but was pushed back to Christmas of 2017.

Director James Cameron is intending on shooting all three films back to back in New Zealand but there's no word on when shooting will actually begin, especially with the delays. Just last year it was confirmed by Cameron in a statement about the progress of the film

'We have design more or less finished, which is an enormous task. It’s been about a two-year task. (We’ve finished) all the creatures and the landscapes, and the new worlds within the world of Pandora that you see.'

'Christmas of ’17 is the target'

via MailOnline

Both lead roles are confirmed to be reprised by Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana as they signed contracts back in 2014 to return to the new trilogy.

It's more than likely that the film was pushed back due to Star Wars: Episode VIII being pushed back from May 2017 to December 2017 as well. Both movies will be massive box office contenders but only one of them will come out on top and after the enormous box office records from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it's easy to see why Avatar 2 has been pushed back.

Whilst we wait what looks like another 2 years, check out some of the original Avatar's concept art, it's wonderful!


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