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We've all thought it for a while now, but, due to her unflinching hero status, have been reluctant to say it: Lara Croft is a straight up psychopath. Seriously! But if you went through half of the trials and dangers she has in the reboot Tomb Raider and sequel Rise Of..., you'd probably be a little shoot first too.

That's what those ol' legends over at Fury Fingers have decided to cogitate on in their new Crystal Dynamics endorsed fan film "Boom Raider" (aah, I see what you did) which sees our young Ms. Croft feeding her pyromaniacal tendencies with visceral gusto!

Shiveeejam is Lara Croft
Shiveeejam is Lara Croft

Taking place in some nondescript forest, Lara — played by cosplayer Shiveeejam — comes across the perfect target: a random can filled with fuel sitting amidst a gang of goons. Naturally, as we all would, she decides to dispatch the goons to their maker in an incredibly stylish explosion, but finding herself with only one arrow left, our tomb raider has to get a little up close and personal. Which is a proper understatement.

Check it out:

How's that for a barrel of laughs, huh?

Fury Fingers set out to make the movie over a span of two days for a bargain fee of $1,500, but the end result looks like it should have commanded a much bigger cost! Their films get better with every release.

Busy on set
Busy on set

If you like what you've seen, get over to Fury Fingers's YouTube here, check out Shiveeejam's badass cosplay — especially if you're a bit of a Deadpool fan — and the wonderful photography of Steamkittens.

Go on, do it!

(Source: Fury Fingers/YouTube)


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