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Obviously there are spoilers ahead....

A very fast start for the series - within the 1st 7 minutes of the pilot episode showed Savage and his army on a killing spree in the future 2166, Hunter pleading with the Time Masters to help, and the kidnapping of the 8 main characters with what looked like a flashlight.

All in all it wasn't bad. The viewing of the future with his device and the time ship was cool. I'd prefer Morena Baccarin as the voice of Gideon, but she may have been too busy. The premise is believable (in a DC universe anyways), but the way they went about it was, as I said, a little fast paced, even with the 2nd part of the pilot next week.

The opening sequence, while a little clunky, would have been better split up as a flashback while Hunter was forced to explain to the team why he wants Vandal Savage so bad, and his subsequent denial of help from the Time Master Council. The rest of it moved along fast as well, after being taken against their wills, shown a dismal future along with why he needs them, the prospective team of 8 working out whether or not they wanted to be along for the ride individually. While Captain Cold and Heatwave have their devious reasons for coming along, the Atom wants to be appreciated for his work: he consults with Green Arrow, while Sara Lance talks it out with Black Canary, giving her a new suit (hence the White Canary). Hawkgirl literally dukes it out with Hawkman with the loser having to go along with the other's choice (he wins and they go) and for some reason Professor Stein 'rufies' his other Firestorm half (Jefferson 'Jax' Jackson) and takes him along for the ride when he doesn't want to go.

They all set off to 1975 and split into 3 groups: Rip, Stein, and the Hawks go to find an expert on Savage (where we again hear the history of the love triangle between the Hawks and Savage that was first introduced in the Arrow / Flash crossover episodes), the bad boys and Canary end up in a bar fight (where we hear Heatwave's music choice and see Canary's attempt to dance), and Jax is left alone on the time ship. While alone, Jax tries to commandeer Gideon to take him home and when the ship is attacked, he asks the ship to 'fire photon torpedos or something'. When Stein feels Jaxs' anxiety over the attack, they all come back together whilst being attacked by a seemingly bad guy. The ship's AI controller Gideon calls him Chronos, a temporal bounty hunter. They manage to escape in the ship after fending him off and take Rip to task for not being honest with them. He reveals all under duress from the girls punching him: his disobeying of the council's rules, and his motivation for quitting and stealing the waverider. They think about it for a bit separately, and for their own individual reasons agree to continue the journey.

My favorite line of the premiere? - "We go out for one lousy drink and you guys somehow manage to pick a fight with Boba Fett!" - Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold. As tis continues, I think he'll be getting the best lines of the series, while Dominic Purcell's Heatwave will be the comic relief line-getter (Why does this station only show re-runs?). Canary will be the brooding bad-ass assassin, the Atom will be questioning his importance / role in life, Firestorm's 2 halves will continue to bond / argue, and the Hawks will have the whole story line revolve around them.

Miscellaneous: I would have liked more of the humor delivered better. I also heard Darth Vader and Rambo references. The 70's were pretty accurate including the Welcome Back Kotter episode, Earth, Wind & Fire and the Captain and Tennille songs. And oh yeah...the Hawks meet a relative along the way.

I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 rating so far, mostly for the humor, effects and team-up style which I love. Here's hoping it will improve it's character development and story plausability.

To be continued... Episode 2 of the pilot:


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