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Following the release of Fallout 4, I think fans have a clearer idea of what they want from Bethesda's next RPG - or rather what they don't want. With its performance issues, graphical disappointments, progression-system errors and awful dialogue, Fallout 4 isn't the game we had dreamt of. But perhaps it'll benefit how Bethesda approach the sequel to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

With all that they've learned from Fallout 4, especially in a year that was rife with exceptional RPGs like Undertale, The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne, I think we can anticipate the arrival of a masterclass in game design for Elder Scrolls 6. But this is almost guaranteed if Bethesda was to listen to some of the ideas that fans have for the next Elder Scrolls game!

Improving Skyrim & Developing Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls
The Elder Scrolls

One of the biggest requests for Elder Scrolls 6 is a rather simple one: fans want their RPG back. After seeing how Fallout 4 failed to deliver the level of depth that fans are accustomed to with the likes of Oblivion and Fallout 3, I think the hunger for something along the lines of Morrowind is growing stronger and stronger.

Seeing how Pillars of Eternity connected with thousands upon thousands of players in 2015, it's clear that a lot of people are hungry for the depth offered up by older games. But there are a few modern tendencies that have snuck into these requests, such as the presence of multiplayer. No, not in the style of The Elder Scrolls Online, but rather in a co-op sense that would allow two friends to share the same game. Yes, please!

What Location Do You Want For Elder Scrolls 6?

Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

When it comes to conversation topics like location, there are various recommended areas. We have places like Elsweyr and The Summerset Isles, a combination of both, but we also have ideas like setting Elder Scrolls 6 on Akavir. Or possibly even extending beyond the confines of Tamriel all together! Bethesda are going to have to do it eventually, there are only so many places on this landmass. Perhaps Elder Scrolls 6 is the right time to move into a whole new area!

Players have also expressed a desire for deepened conversations, narratives, and also a lot more choice. After seeing how much you could impact on the world around you in the likes of The Witcher 3, it can be hard to go back to an RPG like Skyrim or even Fallout 4 where you have very little impact on the world (aside from a simplistic final outcome).

The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online

Obviously fans have also imagined a far more powerful engine for Elder Scrolls 6. It will still be confined by the limits of the XBOX One and PS4, because that's where all the money comes from, but Bethesda need to abandon Skyrim's engine quickly. Fallout 4 looked awful at times in comparison with other games from 2015, like the stunning Bloodborne.

And finally we have the combat system. Personally, I think Skyrim has awful FP controls. You blindly swing your melee weapons and magic is often disappointing and inaccurate. Shouts were a great addition to Skyrim, but the game needs to fix its basic combat if it wants to excel. Fallout 4 is a great shooter, but can Elder Scrolls 6 match its level of satisfaction?

What do you desire for Elder Scrolls 6? Let us know in the comments below!


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