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Every year, people anxiously wait for the Academy Award nominations. They go over their choices in their heads wondering which of their favorite films will (or will not) get recognized that year. As usual, this year gave us some predictable nominations but also quite a few snubs. Here are the top five snubs that the Academy should feel horrible about not recognizing:

Ryan Coogler (Creed)

This guy not only directed but also wrote the script for Creed—a sequel to the famous franchise, Rocky. He went into this project with a lot of hate because people were sure he was going to screw this up and possibly taint Rocky forever. However, he did the exact opposite. He created a touching story about Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), the son of the late Apollo Creed. It was not only an intense boxing film, but also a love letter to Philadelphia. There were many beautiful shots of the city making it feel like home to the audience. He also got Sylvester Stallone many award nominations, including best Supporting Actor at the Oscars. If he wins, let’s hope that he thanks him this time.

2. Oscar Isaac (Ex Machina)

Since Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered, Oscar Isaac has jumped into the hearts of many Poe Dameron. However, he was also in the indie science fiction film, Ex Machina. He played Nathan, the eccentric CEO of a company who is toying with the idea of Artificial Intelligence. He brings chills down the spine and looks like the type of guy who would just brutally torture a person for just looking at him the wrong way. His incredibly strange and Lynchian dance scene should be reason alone to be nominated.

3. Jacob Tremblay (Room)

There are very few child actors that can pull off a role as well as Jacob Tremblay. At first, he is ignorant and annoying, reminding you why you hate children in the first place. He’s been stuck in a room for his whole life and the only glimpse of the outside world has been through television. But by the middle of the film, he comes across this world that he has never seen before and the awe he has across his face feels so real and heartbreaking. While it’s his mother (Brie Larson) that guides him in the beginning, he’s the one that’s guiding her in the end after their traumatic incident.

4. Todd Haynes (Carol)

Carol is not a typical romantic drama. Besides it focusing on a same sex relationship, it doesn’t follow the same formula. There’s no obvious “girl meets girl” moment nor is there a set scene where they fall in love. Todd Haynes illustrates this beautiful love story through color and space. And best of all, he does it through the female gaze. He constantly switches the focus from Cate Blanchett to Rooney Mara and has the audience witness their struggles through their eyes only. Haynes has been nominated for all of the awards shows and has constantly been talking about being the frontrunner for Best Director. The fact that neither him nor Carol were nominated is a travesty.

5. Walter Goggins (The Hateful Eight)

Unfortunately, The Hateful Eight didn’t have as much as an impact as Quentin Tarantino hoped. However, that lack of excitement doesn’t say anything about the stellar acting that was present. It felt mainly like an ensemble piece but Walter Goggins stood out as Chris Mannix, the racist sheriff of Red Rock. At first, we hate his character with a passion due to his racist and ignorant comments, but by the end, we start to root for him when he tag teams with Samuel L. Jackson. His heroism mixed with idiocy makes him one of the most interesting characters to watch.


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