ByWill Rodgers, writer at

People all around are saying that enchantress is tne main villan in the new Suicide Squad, even though it might look like that in the trailers, but i have a new idea.

You see the joker in every trailer.

So my theory is that enchantress and the tattoo man are wreaking havoc, and trying to creat this huge destroy the earth plan. All of this is going trough the white house.

This is were Task Force X is involved. Waller gets togetger the baddest motherfuckers on the planet, for them to save the world

Just like deadshot said in the first trailer

" Lets Go Save The World "

While Task Force X is in the city, trying to find tattoo man and enchatress, harley "accidentally" lets that joker out of prison. When he is released from captivity he realizes that he isnt the baddest motherfucker in the city anymore. So he helps the Task Force X try and defeat the enchantress and the tattoo man.

When the either defeat, chapture, or kill enchantress and tattoo man. Harley and the joker become the true villans of the movie. The rest of Task Force X have to try and stop the 2 lovers in crime.

If you saw in the 2nd thrailer, the joker pulling harley out of a vat of acid. Thus he goes in and saves her.

The rest of my theory is that the joker leaves her to the Suicide Squad, thus letting him escape. Leaving him to be the next villan in the next Suicide Squad movie.


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