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Will Soos Survive?

Honestly Soos has proven to be a trusty sidekick to the mystery twins, he hasn't had a huge role in the apocalypse....yet. On the flag everyone's "symbol" was shown Soos' (the question mark) was not, leading me to believe Soos will be the character killed in Weirdmageddon part 3. Also, in the second episode of the series, The Legend of the Gobblewonker, this was something Soos had said: Dude, am I a sidecharacter!? Do you ever think about stuff like that!? Than, in another episode, Dreamscapers, Bill says: "You're all smarter than you look. Especially the fat one," Maybe meaning that Soos had knowledge that Bill didn't want him to have. He could've thought Soos was a threat. After, while he's leaving and saying, "There will come a day when everything you love will change," or something to that effect, when he and the Cipher Wheel disappear, it ends wait flashes on the Question Mark, Soos' symbol. Maybe that symbolizes that Soos could possibly will be the one to 'vanish'. He's also been loyal to the Pines family, and he'd do ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, to save any of them, including Wendy and Melody (his girlfriend from S2 EP5, Soos and the Real Girl). So maybe if one of them are seriously hurt and Bill is about to finish them off, he sacrifices himself to save whoever is in danger. Or maybe I'm just overthinking this whole thing and Time Baby was the character to have the death. Leave some feedback and if you're thinking of using this theory, give credit to videogamesgal1. - that is my Instagram, Twitter, and tumblr. Follow for more theories!


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