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Marionne Lirios

The Disappearance of Alice Creed is a very intelligent and straight-to-the-point film focusing only on the three characters. There are no flashbacks, lengthy drama, and other unimportant scenes.

The movie is about how two kidnappers named Danny and Vic went through making Alice Creed their captive in exchange for ransom money. Within this single plot, everything is revealed as the movie progresses, which leaves the audience at the edge of their seats while the twists are unraveled one after the other.

Suspense builds by the sudden surprises and revelations throughout the movie and is brilliantly achieved with the superb acting of the characters.

The pacing is excellent, the first parts just trying to establish how Vic and Danny recreated an ordinary apartment into a prison where they lock the victim in. It is an intelligent way of letting the audience know how clean and meticulous the kidnappers work then discover how they end up failing.

What I really find interesting in this movie are the unbelievable and jaw-dropping revelations about the three characters. Wicked mysteries behind the kidnapping, the characters' true identities, their inner purposes, and their sudden change of mind and heart in tension-filled scenes are so perfectly executed.

Until the very end, there are still unexpected turn of events. Written and directed by J Blakeson, this movie is simply superb. It has all the suspense, thrill and mystery that the audience needs to get their minds blown.


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