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If I didn't have to wear pants, I probably wouldn't. I just do it because I don't want to get arrested or offend anybody.

Pants can be restrictive and when I eat a little more than I meant to, they just feel way too tight.

Which is why these following cosplayers are doing it the right way with body paint. Forget fabric, metal, and all that heavy clothing. Body paint is the real way to go.

1. Boba Fett

They may not be able to paint that helmet on, but everything else looks incredible. Just look at that detail.

[Source: Wiser Oner]

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo are sleek and ready to fight.

[Source: Philip Bonneau]

3. Cortana

Just when I thought body paint was already cool, this fabulous artist brings out the black light painting.

[Source: Megan Golden]

4. Darth Vader

Luke, I am your mother.

[Source: Kelly Bellamont]

5. Titan and a Titan Shifter

The meticulous painting on the muscles are all too real for me.

[Source: Jim McAvoy]

6. Deadpool

This Merc with a Mouth has found her little doppelgänger.

[Source: Liane Moseley]

7. Carnage

Have you ever seen a mouth so wide and filled with such razor sharp teeth?

[Source: Paul Roustan]

8. Gambit

With true painting skills, this artist even made Gambit's face appear really cartoon-like. How impressive.

[Source: Liane Moseley]

9. Crysis Nanosuit

There's a "crysis" going on in my head, because this looks so superbly badass.

[Source: Ashley Roberts]

10. Na'vi Lady

This is probably my absolute favorite. Blue is my favorite color after all. I wouldn't mind being a Na'vi woman!

[Source: Jessie Melero]

11. The Avengers

Ready to kick your ass, but look incredibly hot at the same time. Work it ladies.

[Source: Ruben Casal]

12. Venom

This painting really flows nicely with the curves of this lady's body. And did we mention just how terrifying that face is?

[Source: Paul Roustan]

I may not be nearly as talented as these artists, but now I'm itching to try. Except I probably won't get the same results with the watercolors I still have from third grade.


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