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Feeling sad? Down in the dumps? Need something to lift your spirits? Fear not good is on the way!

A new TBS comedy called ANGIE TRIBECA, the brainchild of husband-and-wife wrIting team STEVE CARELL AND NANCY WALLS CARELL is a delightfully witty satire on police procedural dramas and the perfect escape from your daily grind anxiety.

Recently, TBS debuted the show with a 25-hour mock telethon which featured the first entire season with no commercial interruptions (per episode). Phones were set up and the network took live calls during the marathon broadcast. Even comedy goddess CAROL BURNETT called in with best wishes. (If you can make HER LOL, i think you're doing OK)

The entire cast was on hand for LIVE TV shenanigans including the show's star RASHIDA JONES (Angie), HAYES MacARTHUR as Jay Geils, her handsome & inept partner (in the original pilot, this character seemingly meets with a fatal accident; the pilot was reportedly retooled and MacArthur was added as a series regular), DEON COLE as D.J. Tanner with his Canine partner David Hoffman (played by canine star JAGGER) and the ever-screaming JERE BURNS as Angie's boss, Lieutenant Pritikin "Chet" Atkins.

A comely Miss JONES shows a strong sense of comic timing and proves to be apt for the screw/goof ball comedy genre. Her interpretation of the Angie Tribeca character may someday be as celebrated as of our beloved Frank Drebin (Naked Gun) or even, the original Inspector Clouseau (Pink Panther).

It's refreshing to see a new comedy that has a belly laugh in every episode. My favorite is D.J.'s "THIS AINT' A GAME!" Interrogation speech in Episode 3.

The jokes are fast & funny, the send-ups are awesome, the sight gags & running jokes are worthy of a fist bump from MEL BROOKS. If laughter is the best medicine, ANGIE TRIBECA is a very potent needle-in-the-butt.

Now, bend over for season two.


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