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When films deal with a haunting and complex theme, we are left to wonder how humane a storyline can truly be. As I sat down to watch Anomalisa, I began to think about a book titled What The Lady Wants. This idea of a life that can be constantly changing as you encounter different struggles can be truly hard to comprehend.

However, Anomalisa gave the audience an eye-opening experience in terms of showing how, in our daily lives, we are plagued with mixed emotions, haunted by the happy and depressing memories of times lost long ago. Pathways are always changing and the film delves into the concept of how each of us perceive things differently.

Interestingly, the film was done entirely with stop motion animation and after seeing it, I have a high respect for stop-motion films since so much care and effort went into making it a seamless experience for the audience. The work put in to patiently create these types of films make them highly respectable.

Films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Wallace & Gromit all took a great deal of time, patience and planning to be created perfectly and become the entertainment we enjoy today. Whereas those films are intentionally cartoony, Anomalisa almost had me believing that this film was live action, given how fluid the movements were and how real the performances were. The entire film from beginning to end was created with the perfect technique of lighting, scenery and persuasive camera angling.

Delving into the character, the main protagonist, Michael Stone, was created with feelings and thoughts that resemble what many of us feel daily. He questions what we question, and feels how we feel. Many of us, myself included, can relate to this character since we have dealt with similar situations. A masterpiece like this film lets us know that being human means to take risks, make mistakes and simply continue forward and try not to let the past drag us down.

It is true that everyone has their good and bad days, yet Anomalisa conveys in depth how some of us truly feel when we are stuck in our own disillusioned hole of self negativity and we simply feel chained to the misery. At some points, I was silently in tears because of how connected I felt to the film and the feeling of discovering if there was truly someone out there.

This film as a whole deserved a solid ten because the organization of the plot, the humanity of the film and even the personal message behind everything was what blew me away. I would definitely watch this film again, given the opportunity, since perfect films such as this are rarely made nowadays.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to see Anomalisa in theaters now!


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