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Who is vandal savage? Have we met him before?

Many of us are now familiar with vandal savage, an immortal villain who cannot be stopped. While many people may think that we just met this person, I think we've seen him before.

We've seen him in Arrow

Vandal savage is described as a man who starts wars in an attempt to take over the world. He often goes unnoticed, he takes the back seat. Can you remember anyone who fits that description?

It's Billy Wintergreen!!!!

It makes sense. He goes to the island with slade. He ensures that Slade will be bloodthirsty enough to try to obliterate an entire city. Sound like anyone?

But didn't he die?

while it may have looked like he died, it is evidently clear that vandal savage can sustain wounds and probably lost that fight on purpose. Think about it, wintergreen was constantly using his sword and slade was rusty. Logically, wintergreen should've won, but because this is savage that we're talking about, he used this as an opportunity to set his plan in motion.

Why would the Arrow executives do this?

The earlier seasons of Arrow and the Flash are riddled with Easter eggs just in case they wanted to pursue any of these ideas. That's why you never see wintergreen's face. It's because they weren't sure who to cast as vandal savage.


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