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Ay yi yi!!! Too much epic, too much grit, too much to nerd out about!!!! What am I referring to? The new Suicide Squad official trailer. There was so much to like in the new trailer but I want to focus on a couple of interesting things that I found interesting about the trailer. Before I get into those 2 things grab some popcorn and enjoy the second Suicide Squad trailer.

Suicide Squad

For quite sometime I have contended that Enchantress will end up being the main antagonist of the movie. But I never said she would be the only antagonist. As you saw in the new Suicide Squad trailer there seems to be a villain that is not Enchantress that the bad guys have been tasked to take out.

Tattooed Man???

In the comics Tattooed Man is more known for his battles with Green Lantern.

However, Tattooed Man has also had beef with Suicide Squad member Slipknot; so, there is a probable connection there.


In the comics Slipknot kills Tattooed Man's son. I'm thinking Amanda Waller selects Slipknot for this mission because Slipknot has history with Tattooed Man and may have valuable insight to powers and abilities. In the comics Tattooed Man gets revenge by chopping off Slipknot's head which may be better than Amanda Waller blowing his head off.

Why Tattooed Man is causing chaos may not be known until the next trailer or possibly the movie. What ever his motives are it is very likely that a character with his abilities may need more fire power than El Diablo.

El Diablo on fire

New 52 El Diablo fighting with Harley
New 52 El Diablo fighting with Harley

Don't get me wrong Diablo is powerful but he could have issues with the Tattooed Man even with Boomerang, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc and Katana.

My guess is that the Suicide Squad will put up a valid fight against the Tattooed Man but will fall short during the first time they face him. Amanda Waller will make the unpopular decision to use the Enchantress to try to stop him. To this point we have not seen Enchantress team up with the Suicide Squad; however, in the comics Amanda Waller promises June Moone that she would help her get rid of the witch Enchantress that has possessed her if she helps her on missions. As we saw in the trailer Enchantress is among government officials; so, obviously they do not consider her a threat initially.

Enchantress hanging with government officials

I believe June Moone has gained enough control of the witch that lies within her enough to change at will and that she is simply giving a demonstration of her ability to Amanda Waller. Obviously Waller has brought June Moone in as we see her hanging out with Amanda's right hand man Rick Flagg.

Rick Flagg and June Moone aka Enchantress

In the comics June asked for help from Amanda because she struggled with controlling the wicked Enchantress.

So yes, in the comics Enchantress is a member of the Suicide Squad. As a member of the Suicide Squad June Moone lost control of her Enchantress side while on a mission and then by order of Amanda Waller became the target. I think that is exactly what is going to happen in the Suicide Squad movie. If you look closely at the trailer we may have actually seen Enchantress fighting with the Suicide Squad.


I believe this in Enchantress assisting the soldiers that appear in the above picture. I believe during a battle that June Moone will have to submit to the full power of the Enchantress in order to take out the Tattooed Man. This will be were Task Force X will take on the Enchantress. Possibly even letting the Tattooed Man get away to next be seen in a Green Lantern movie.

Now how will this tie into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Well I think that Batman will see the magical and mythical nature of Enchantress and realize that he may need to recruit allies that have had success against such beings because he knows that he can't.

Wonder Woman and Batman

But Wonder Woman can. In the above exclusive shot Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne look extremely friendly. Well that is because they know each other. Rumors have suggested that Batman will see Wonder Woman fighting a mythical beast in her solo movie in modern day. This is the type of warrior he would need on his side to keep the people of Earth safe. Of course, this is the mindset of a man that wants to fist fight Superman.....and Joker's the crazy one?

Well those are my thoughts. What do you think? Is Tatooed Man a villain in this movie? Do you think Enchantress is the main antagonist in this movie? Please share your thoughts below.

Are you excited about the Suicide Squad Movie?


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