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Hello, guys in this article I am going to preview episode 28 of Dragon Ball Super.

Episode 28 is going to be a very major episode as it will officially mark the beginning of Champa or universe 6 saga on Dragon Ball Super Anime series. Finally, we are getting to see a new story! As you know till now DBS was basically the series adaptations of Battle of gods and Resurrection F respectively. So, fans that skipped these episodes will be back from the next one!

So, we all are expecting a lot of improvements on every sector from episode 28. I really hope that we will also get better animation quality because till now most of the complaints against super were animation quality based. No one actually has any issues with the story. So, that will be one think to look forward to and I think better animation quality makes it more meaningful to watch for people who already read the manga.

At the end of episode we see the preview, trailer of episode 28. It looks like Goku and Vegeta continues their training with Whis and Beerus. They are wearing this padded and weighted clothing. We are going to see a lot of Champa and Vados. Basically, they come over to talk with Beerus and Whis.

Beerus vs Champa - Dragon Ball Super
Beerus vs Champa - Dragon Ball Super

In-case you didn’t know already, Champa comes from universe 6 which is the mirror universe of U7. And he is the twin brother of Beerus sama and also the God of destruction of universe 6.

The episode 28 trailer features Champa and Beerus fighting each other. Off-course it doesn’t look like a serious fight. Besides, Whis and Vados wouldn’t let the gods of destruction of 2 universes get into a serious fight now which could actually destroy the universe.

Gohan wants to train- Dragon Ball Super
Gohan wants to train- Dragon Ball Super

Here, I would like to add one more thing which has my interest. That wasn’t really detailed in the Manga. At the end of episode 27 we the fans finally get a hint of hope. I guess you know what I am talking about. Gohan actually asks Picollo to train him! This is great! That means its more likely that we will actually see Gohan on action. I always believed that Gohan will return on super sooner or later. I made a video about why I think Gohan will return. Check the description for links. So, I would be hoping to see further details on next episode and onwards. If Gohan actually starts training and if he does when and how and other details!

I am going to continue here and add some spoilers from the Manga, nothing major. Basically, Beerus and Champa will agree to arrange a tournament between the 2 universes. If Universe 7 wins they will get 6 super Dragon Balls and if champa’s universe 6 wins the earth of universe 7 will get interchanged with that of U6 earth. It will be 5 vs 5 tournament. Beerus and Whis or Champa and Vados won’t participate. Instead they will choose 5 fighters. It’s obvious there will be Goku and Vegeta and u can find out the rest of the fighters on episode 28. However, we already know who the fighters are from the manga and if you are interested to find out you can check my full 32 minutes review on Chapter 7 of Dragon Ball Super Manga it pretty much covers everything. Even if you read and you are new to my channel I would suggest you to check out my videos. I have reviewed all the fighters of Universe 6 and the mystery fighter and everything. Short of review of chapter 8 is also available. Some links are attached in the description bellow.

I would like to end with saying I am very excited about episode 28. I really can’t wait to find out how they progress with this! As I feel this is going to be a new beginning for super. TOEI actually hints that too. They are running massive ad campaigns on Japan. There are commercials on TV and there are billboards all over the place. So, let’s see what happens. Don’t miss it!

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