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"The 5th Wave" is yet another Young Adult film adaptation of a book and this time it's basically an alien invasion with a cliched teen love story in the middle of it. Chloe Grace Moretz stars as a young girl who is thrust in the middle of an alien attack on Earth that began with three waves. Wave one was an EMP, wave two was natural disasters, and wave three was the flu. The movie puts most of its focus on wave four which is aliens using humans as hosts to disguise themselves (because that's never been done before) and it's leading up to the fifth wave which is ultimately total annihilation of the human race.

Surprisingly enough, this review is going to start out positively, but that's simply because the movie's only good parts come at the very beginning. The overall set up of the alien invasion and how it's presented was actually done in a pretty engaging and interesting way. You see how all of it began, it has a good pace to it, and it would seem that it's building up to a somewhat entertaining alien invasion flick. If in some universe there's a group of people who judge movies based off of opening set up alone, this movie is some Oscar caliber shit. But unfortunately, the rest of the movie after the opening 10-15 minutes decides to rear its ugly head and reveal itself for what it really is: A boring love story that just happens to have aliens in it.

In true YA book-to-film spirit, there's a romance and in even truer spirit, it's the most basic, cliched, unbelievable love story you could ask for, though I would seriously question you if you actually ask for that. While in an attempt to save her younger brother and fight off the aliens, Chloe Grace Moretz runs across this guy in the middle of the woods and that's when the movie really starts to stink it up. Moretz is in love with this guy after five minutes of meeting. Why? Because abs, that's why. And not only that, but the guy isn't even likable in any possible way. The actor playing him is very wooden in the role, and the character himself comes off as this decade's Anakin Skywalker with his corny romantic dialogue that would impress only three people: George Lucas, Stephanie Meyer, and the grammatically challenged chick who wrote "Fifty Shades of Grey". Honestly, 2016 may have just started, but this is surely to be the worst romance any of us will see all year.

Since this movie is also (kind of) an alien invasion movie, you'd expect there to be some entertaining alien stuff, right. Well, maybe in "Independence Day: Resurgence", but not this movie. The problem with "The 5th Wave" in terms of being an alien movie is that it just recycles every possible detail and plot point from previous alien invasion movies. No spoilers here, but everything from the design of the aliens to the plot twists are all lazily done, having already shown up in much better movies like this. If you've already seen stuff like "War of the Worlds", "Independence Day", or "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", congratulations, you've already seen this movie. There's absolutely no originality to be found here.

This movie also wasted the potential of its cast. We all know Moretz is a likable young actress who can give legitimately good performances, but she's wasted in this movie as your typical teenage girl who has to save the world and get dick while doing so. I really think Moretz needs to just fire her agent because that guy has given her very little to work with after her two "Kick-Ass" movies. Also, this movie has some older actors such as Ron Livingston who's just in the movie to be a throwaway father, and Liev Schreiber and Maria Bello as two generic military characters who exist only to spout a bunch of exposition about the aliens. You can tell that a majority of the actors are trying to make something out of this movie's awful script, but there's only so much that can be done when based off of YA material.

With all of that said, "The 5th Wave" is the same shit we've seen from other YA book adaptations. Shitty romance, unoriginal twists and turns, a wasted cast, and what is basically just a giant middle finger to something cool that we all use to like. "Twilight" did it to vampires, "Divergent" did it to post-apocalyptic universes, and now "The 5th Wave" has joined 2013's "The Host" in doing it to aliens. Let's just prepare ourselves for sequels since the book series is apparently a trilogy which means one thing: Three more movies. We all know the last one will be split into two parts because that's just how Young Adult shit works nowadays.

Rating: Some Ol' Bullshit


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