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If you're a Netflix binger and you went this weekend to go see the greatly anticipated horror flick, "The Boy", you may have had a sense that you've seen something like it before. If you haven't seen it yet or if you don't want the movie spoiled, read no further!! But definitely watch the trailer here:

In The Boy, Lauren Cohan (Maggie on The Walking Dead) plays an American girl, Greta (a totally American name) who is hired as a nanny in the UK by a seemingly normal older couple to take care of their son Brahms. But there's a catch. Brahms is a life-sized porcelain doll. Yikes! Well, actually, Brahms was a real boy at one point but he died in a fire 20 years earlier. So now his parents took the totally sane and normal route of coping by replacing him with a child-sized doll and pretending like it's real.

"But I'm a real boy, papa!"
"But I'm a real boy, papa!"

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that she's also given a set of rules to abide by, otherwise bad things will happen. So naturally Greta begins to ignore these rules and Brahms goes all Annabelle and starts showing up in different places and causing trouble. Add in an hour or so of that and then we can skip to the big reveal. Brahms the doll moving about is totally paranormal, right? Wrong. We instead find out that 20 or 30-something year old Brahms, who must have barely survived the fire, is now living in the basement, manipulating the doll when no one is looking. Good times.So does this sound familiar yet? A movie where we incorrectly think that everything that happens is due to a ghostly presence? If you're like me, and like discovering new things on Netflix, you might've seen the movie Housebound.

This 2014 horror comedy is a great and hilarious film straight from New Zealand that became widely known in The States via Netflix. It stars Morgana O'Reilly as a troubled woman sentenced to house arrest at her nutty parents' home. The catch is that not only does she have to deal with their unbearably annoying antics, but that the house may indeed be haunted as well. If you're following along, you'll pick up that the house is not actually haunted. Just like "The Boy", this house is being plagued by a wall dweller who gives the illusion that spooky and unnatural things are happening. In Housebound, this not-so-ghostly hidden human is a savant named Eugene. The reason he is hiding is because he witnessed a brutal murder many years before and now set-up shop in the walls of this family's home. Even though you may have read this twist ending without seeing the film, I highly recommend watching it due to the quality of the film as well as there being a few more twists in store.

Wakey Wakey!
Wakey Wakey!

So what do you think? Which film had a better use of this twist? Which do you think is an overall better film? What do you think is the best ever horror movie twist? Share your thoughts below!


Do you think that The Boy has the better plot than Housebound?


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