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Cassandra Saturn
Korra meeting Cassandra for second time
Korra meeting Cassandra for second time

Answer: yes, althrough she doesn’t exist in real life, but I have very stronger bond with Korra since her appearance in 2012.

the funny thing behind that bond was when I arrived in her world that was created from my dreams right down to detail.

when i arrived in Republic City, i found Korra trying to escape from Amon and Equalists, so i decided the right thing for her.

I ended up fighting and protecting Korra from Amon and his Equalists. despite the fact I had no bending skills, I still fought to protect Korra, I got tied up by Amon.

but I still resisted fiercely, of course Amon had me all blindfolded and on the knees. I was scared, but I would not show my fear no matter how much he would do things to me. which he did not. he also put me in the jail.

I knew i had helped Korra escape from Amon just enough for her to get help. when my blindfold was removed, i was standing above the cliff.

below is huge sea, I’m quite wondering what’s gonna happen to me. i asked Amon himself, he said the very words that got me to show fear quickly.

"you will drown in this sea, nobody will be around to help you. you will be paying for this interference."

and then he pushed me to the edge, then said “good bye”. pushed over into water from 15 foot fall.

i struggled so hard to get free from my restraints, i got my head above the water just enough to see Amon turn around and walk away, leaving me to my death.

of sudden, Naga grabs me and pulled me above water so i could breathe. she was swimming, holding me above water. swam all way to Tenzin’s Air Temple.

from here, Korra was talking to Mako and others including Tenzin. Pabu chittered very loudly and pointed at me with Naga.

Korra was shocked to see me, and quickly grabbed me soon as i was close enough to the dock. said “are you allright? did Amon do this to you?”

i said "yes, Amon did this. I’m allright, i owe Naga.”

since then we have grew into close friendship and family, we have bonded like sisters actually. even i was welcomed into Korra’s family by Senna and Tonraq as sister to Korra for real.

that’s how i have much stronger Bond with Korra since then.

i won’t lie to you, kid. bonds between the friends really do last lifetime and remain strong after death. same also applies to characters from different universes like Legend of Korra. they really never die.


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