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Cassandra Saturn
Inuyasha smiles when Cassandra meets him
Inuyasha smiles when Cassandra meets him

i also live other good lives in other universes too.

i live in InuYasha Universe (IU)

here, inuyasha and the gang are my best friends, my family too even while on trip to hunt down and destroy naraku.

oh my god, i had most funny moments here with them.

let's see.. oh yeah..

Sango, she's the demon slayer. and most strongest here is.

she slapped miroku when he put his hands on my butt while i was bending over to grab a torch. i felt it, then i heard loud slap. like this: SLAP! i reached backward and turned around, i see miroku lying on ground with red hand mark on his face.

i'm like, "huh.. serves you right. you're only pervert monk." i noticed Sango, she was so pissed and said, "once a pervert, always a pervert." she closed her hand into fist, shakes it in air near miroku's face.

he's like, wait wait while waving his hands in air next to his face. Sango sternly said: "APOLOGIZE to her" he apologized to me. she was that pissed.

inuyasha said, "jeez, you had to grab her butt when things like this presents itself to you? that's sad."

Kagome said: "Miroku, you're just bad, you need to stick with Sango."

few days later at the place, i lay here asleep.. sounding good until i heard rustling.. i turned around and i find miroku in bed with me. i said, "MIROKU! you lercherous Creep! get out!!!" i smacked him out of my bed.

Sango woke up and heard it, Inuyasha and Kagome heard it, ran to my room. Miroku was lying here next to my bed with his head in water bucket. Sango screamed, "MIROKU!!!!!" he heard her and quickly got up, ran out only to get smacked hard by Sango's weapon that was flinged at him.

he goes flying into wet ground, sliding across. inuyasha said, "ouche. good shot, Sango." Kagome said, "yeah, great shot." i said, "whoa, nice."

Sango said, "MIROKU! officially, you are GONNA SIT OUTSIDE!!" and threw his bedding out at him. he's like "aw, but Sango..." Sango is like, "ZIP IT MISTER!"

Sango said to Inuyasha, "he's gonna sit and sleep outside! make sure of that!" Inuyasha is like, "of course Sango. come on, Kagome let's go back to our room to sleep" i went back to bed and slept.

poor Miroku was outside for whole night under trees away from rain. Morning later..

he apologized to me twice again and apologized to Sango. i said to him, "Miroku, you're only serious when it comes to battle. but in peacetimes, you're just like this." he says, "hmm.. yes. that is correct."

i facepalmed myself, inuyasha and kagome does the same. sango says, "of course, that's just so miroku." gave him the scorned look. miroku was scared of her more than any of us lol.

and so, i was walking with Kagome while heading back to her era. i met Sota, Kagome's little brother. cute kid. he's so much like inuyasha, i said to kagome, "Kagome, Sota is just like Inuyasha doesn't he?"

Kagome is like, "haha.. yeah."

the end.


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