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in 1985 DC Comics, made history by rebooting the shared-universe with Crisis on Infinite Earths, and introducing the villainous Anti-Monitor. BleedingCool. com was the first to report the news, and you have to agree with DC. Why wouldn't you align your comics, with the immensely popular Batman vs Superman? Other titles that drastically change DC's Universe, Zero Hour, Countdown, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis - all these titles 'Shake it Off', like T-Swift and a bad date! If you look at this move from a purely financial standpoint, it's pretty intelligent thinking, but if you're a fan - you just wasted a lot of money, if you like DC's most popular characters.

The biggest complaint that's coming from the fans of DC Comics, that they just rebooted a couple of years ago - with the New 52, and it all started with the comic Flashpoint. The Flash went back into time, and saved his mother from certain death. By doing this action, he made a tidal wave through time, and caused Earth's history to change. Thomas Wayne was Batman, Robert Queen was Green Arrow and a slew of other changes! The biggest, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were set to destroy the Earth, but luckily The Flash save the day. When he set things right, and came back, this was the start of the New 52.

Also coming from this rumor, DC on TV, like Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow - nothing is supposedly going to change with their comics, due to the fact that they're not part of the cinematic universe (that's just rude and The Flash is).

The characters who are going to be most affected with this change; Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Daddy's Little Monster aka Harley Quinn - they're supposed to start-up with brand new issues #1. Also you can count on Suicide Squad to have some serious presence in the new reboot! If you're wondering about a certain bad movie joke, then there's no word on if Green Lantern will be rebooted also. This will primarily give the characters new costumes to match their on-screen counterpart. Also expect personality shifts to accurately represent their on-screen persona.

'Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice' hit theaters on March 25th, 2016. 'Suicide Squad' blasts into theaters August 5th, 2016!


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