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Star Wars Battlefront has recently come out. One of the things I really enjoyed about the game was the hero aspect of the game. It is an amazing moment when you play as Darth Vader while waiting on the game to install. His suit, lightsaber, slashing through anyone who gets in your way, deflecting enemy fire from whence it came, and the crippling sound fx from brutally choking out a helpless member of the rebel alliance. All of this can really overwhelm you.

All of this was great but it made me want to play a full-on Jedi or Sith game. Unfortunately, the makers of Battlefront have announced that they want to keep on making battlefront games but not a true Jedi controlling video game. Fans have been wanting a aerial combat game controlling a x-wing or TIE-Fighter, a Boba Fett bounty hunter game, or Han Solo solo game.

I'd like all these games but a true force wielding game would be much greater game. I really liked the Star Wars episode III game. The ability to play through a Star Wars movie was great. The duels in that game was excellent and I really liked the ability to pick out a Jedi or Sith and vs other ones on a lot of different stages. It was great when going against clones or droids to be able whatever an actual Jedi can whether slashing through them or picking them up with the force and doing what you please with them. The Force Unleashed was a good game but I like episode III more because I felt like it was easier to have control over your character and I liked doing stuff bases on the actual movie.

I think studios should get back to making true force weilding games based on actual movies like episode III. I have an idea that I would love to see become a reality. The idea is that you play through the missions through out the Star Wars movies as the Jedi that did that mission such as being qui Jon ginn and Obi wan on the confederate ship or being Anakin in the droid factory in episode 2 or playing as Anakin when they destroy the Jedi in the Jedi temple or being Obi Wan taking down Anakin at Mustafar. Original trilogy missions would be like Vader capturing the ship and Leia at the beginning of a New Hope or Luke Skywalker on Cloud Completing try right after completing his Jedi training from Yoda. Basically you are stepping in the shoes of a Jedi or Sith throughout the 6 movies. They would be slightly edited sometimes to make for a better game game like the final boss would be Vader be palpatine duel instead exactly what happens in the movie. A couple of minor things might occur in the game such as Yoda on Kashhyk from 3. The levels could be linear or non linear. And you could unlock characters by fighting or being them kinda like in the Lego games except you don't have to buy some but just unlock. Once a character is unlocked you can be them in any completed mission like you could fight Vader on Cloud City with Darth Maul.

Another thing to do with unlocked characters is duel with them. You pick out a character to be then pick out a character to fight and then choose a stage then duel. A friend could also fight instead of a computer. Only major characters could be played with, most minor Jedi would be like Mace Windu. Only character that doesn't wield the force would be General Grevious. Each character has different skill sets and fighting styles. For an example, Anakin ( before getting Darth Vader suit) would be more athletic than most character while not being able to use the force like an more experienced force wielder. Yoda would be very quick and athletic while having strong force use but being at some disadvantages because of his small size. Palpatine would be strong with the force especially force lightning but not as quick as some. Mace Windu would be kinda of athletic and have impeccable saber skills while being good with the force but not as much the likes of Yoda or palpatine. I won't get into everyone but so on. Different settings could be applied when doing duels outside of story mode about how much health you would receive. You could do one hit your dead like how actual movies are or you could prolong it like other video games do so the fight would last longer.

Thanks for reading and let's make this happen!



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