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As you all should know by now, if your Google is working correctly, Tom Cruise has signed on for the reboot of The Mummy!

We don't know a whole lot about the movie, except Tom's officially on board. Also on board is Sofia Boutella:

whoa, mummy!
whoa, mummy!

If you don't recognize the name, face, or buh buh body, that's because this up-and-comer has only been in a handful of films. Her biggest role to date has been Gazelle (as seen a buh buh bove) in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Check her moves out here:

I say up-and-comer, because she's set to star in Star Trek Beyond, The Titan, and now, The Mummy. Pretty impressive!

On to Tom Cruise, though. Recently, I was able to sneak on set and snap a few sweet shots on my cell phone! Prepare to be amazed-

Here, Mummy Tom seems to have a similar fighting style to Imhotep:

and hairless everthing, too
and hairless everthing, too

I can almost hear him screaming "SHOW ME THE MUMMY!!!"

This is where Big-Mouthed Mummy Tom is fighting a man who seems to look like Rick O'Connell. Ferocious looking!

those shade sho
those shade sho

Right here is the signature wall of (sand, water, or...or...what else is there? noxious green ass gas?):

It appears Mummy Tom has commandeered a bunch of sand, and is pissed!

And the last shot I got wasn't actually from the movie, but an interview he did with Oprah about his upcoming movie:

There you have it. Tom's a mummy. Whodathunk!


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