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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Plasma guns, shrinking rays, and neutralizers? Maybe not. But that doesn't mean the Men In Black are just a mere myth. The truth may be actually be a lot weirder than the movies themselves.

Below are five experiences people claim to have had with the ''Men'' In Black. The weirdest part is most of the experiences share these same three similarities.

  • The MIB always show up after someone has seen a U.F.O.
  • They all wear the same thing, and drive all black cars.
  • They all ask questions like ''have you seen anything weird lately?'' and sometimes threaten people to for exposing the unusual stuff they've encountered to the public.

Now, time for the stories...

1. The Albert Bender Encounter

Perhaps one of the most famous cases is Mr. Bender's encounter with the Men In Black. After serving in World War II, Bender became obsessed with U.F.O.s and dedicated most of his time to studying them. He eventually decided to publish a very informative magazine titled Space Review, but never released it.

This is where things get weird...

A few days later, while Bender was in his bed, he saw several Men with black suits and hats appear in his room. He went on to say they could seemingly speak through his mind without actually talking. Then the men made him promise to destroy his findings and stop doing research. Bender said he was so scared, he happily stopped doing much of anything related to U.F.O.s, and never released the Space Review.

2. The Man In Black Named Lev

A woman claims her father was regularly visited by a man named Lev when she was young. He wore a black coat and tie, hat, and shades every time she saw him, even in the summer. The man was also bald and completely hairless. In fact, when she went to shake 'Lev's' hand one time, it was described as being ''impossibly smooth'.' The woman also went on to say her father is sure Lev was an alien.

3. The Men In Black Caught On Tape?

The apparent Men In Black in the photo were in a hotel asking about one of its employees, it wasn't for just any reason though. This employee had actually seen a U.F.O. recently, and was telling other people about what he saw. Unfortunately for the M.I.B, the guy they were looking for wasn't working that day.

According to eye witnesses, the men were again completely bald, didn't have eyebrows or eyelashes, and also had ''strange hypnotic eyes.'' It's said the picture above is in fact real, but whether or not these are government agents, undercover aliens, or something else entirely... is unknown.

4. Dan Aykroyd Saw The Men In Black

I would explain, but Mr. Aykroyd describes his experience best in this video!

5. The Men In Grey?

A man named William Shearer from Essex, England claimed to have seen a U.F.O. Then two days later (you guessed it), two men came to his house. When they got there, one man stayed in the car and maintained an intimidating stare at Shearer, while the other grey suited man questioned him about what he saw. Then after being denied entrance into Mr. Shearer's house, the mysterious man said he would be back. And sure enough, he and the other man in grey showed up again to speak to about U.F.O.s. They were turned down again though, and afterwards they left for good. Although the man believes his phone has been tapped since then.

So what are the Men In Black? Aliens trying to study us human beings in our natural habitat? Maybe they're trying to cover their own tracks? Or perhaps they're weird government agents trying to keep certain people in check?

We may never know...


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