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Wait, a Labyrinth reboot without David Bowie?

It's official! THR exclusively reports that a reboot of Jim Henson's cult masterpiece, and David Bowie's most infamous film, Labyrinth, is in the works! Is this real life? If you are like me, you are feeling a slew of mixed emotions right now. I am simultaneously crying tears of joy in between fits of rage, and ending with a dash of confusion. The '80s fantasy film from the brilliant mind of Jim Henson and starring Jennifer Connelly and the late David Bowie will be brought back to life through Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman. Lisa Henson, daughter of Jim Henson, will produce the film through Henson and Co., while being overseen by Nicole Brown at Tristar.

In case you need a refresher, Labyrinth follows a rebellious teenage girl named Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) as she navigates a fantastical maze to save her baby brother from the Goblin King (David Bowie). The film was a box office bomb in the '80s, only to gain steam as a cult classic years later, before then moving on to become the beloved film it is today. Being a fan, I feel like this is a dream come true, but I also have so many questions, fears, and deep concerns. With David Bowie's recent passing, I had assumed any type of Labyrinth reboot would be off the table for good! How can they possibly do this without the one and only Goblin King?!

So far no details have been released about the film and whether it will be a sequel, continuation of the Labyrinth world, or an altogether remake. I, personally, am crossing my fingers for it not to be the latter. Yet, there are endless possibilities for the film, and I must admit the idea of returning to the Labyrinth is irresistible!

Let's look at the pros and cons of a 'Labyrinth' reboot!


  • The number one con is David Bowie's passing. I am having a hard time imagining ANY type of Labyrinth film without even a cameo from the original Goblin King himself. The magic of the original film could be lost without him, and fans may fail to connect to its reboot no matter the storyline.
  • How will they handle the puppets? We live in a very different day and age where technology in film and TV is unprecedented, and we create CGI characters that are as real as our own faces. Audiences are, in a sense, spoiled with this technology, so how will they react to a feature film filled with... puppets? Also, what if they decide not to use puppets at all and create CGI characters for the film? That, my friends, is my worst nightmare.
  • If they decide to do a remake, I am walking. You. Can't. Remake. The Labyrinth. It's not possible without it being a complete piece of crap. It won't have Bowie, it won't have Jennifer, it won't have Jim, it won't have George Lucas, it won't be good. If this is going to work, it has to be a continuation of the world, not a remake.
  • Lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Labyrinth took years to become the infamous classic it is now. It was a struggle to get audiences on board with this film, in fact, it's a miracle that it's become what it is at all after bombing the box office! So who is to say that it will work a second time? That audiences, again, will see the magic of this odd fantasy film? What if it flops? What if it's awful? The huge and dedicated fanbase of the original guarantees NOTHING for this new venture, so for all involved, this is a risky move.


  • It's being produced by Henson studios and Jim Henson's own daughter! Labyrinth was, in many ways, Jim Henson's passion project, and no one knows his mind better than his own children who grew up in the world of his films! Henson being involved will guarantee the integrity of the original material stays intact and is honored!
  • Jennifer Connelly is alive and well, and could TOTALLY be involved! I would LOVE to see a Labyrinth reboot where Jennifer's character, Sarah, actually went back into the maze to defeat the Goblin King and live with Hoggle and Ludo and rule their kingdom! Or maybe she goes back in the maze to be with the Goblin King, and when he passes, she takes over his kingdom! Or maybe she guides the latest victim of the maze to their destiny! I don't care, she just needs to be in it!
  • Speaking of Ludo, LUDO! We could see Ludo again, and Hoggle, and Luscious, and I am about to pass out with excitement! These wonderful little magical puppets changed my world growing up, and I would give anything to go back into the maze with them!
  • Nicole Perlman is writing it, and this girl KNOWS sci-fi fantasy film! She co-wrote Guardians of the Galaxy, and is also co-writing the Captain Marvel film; Marvel's first female lead superhero film! This, my friends, is a GREAT sign! The original Labyrinth was a female lead film, and Hollywood could use a little diversity right now, so its reboot following suit would be awesome! With a writer like Nicole involved, it's looking good.

Really, this movie could go in any direction right now, and it's making my anxiety act up. I think the announcement of this reboot is the worst best news of my life, but regardless, I need it now. I trust that Henson's studio will do it justice, I just wish Bowie were here for it. All I know is if they do mess this up, I am sending every person involved into the eternal bog of stench for... eternity!


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