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I was pretty excited, to say the least, when it was announced that CBS was in production of a television series based on the 2011 film Limitless. The series goes by the same name, and even includes previous star of the film Bradley Cooper (which can never hurt for a network series). The premise basically goes as follows: Slacker goes nowhere in life, runs into old buddy, comes in contact with a 'miracle pill' (more on that later), suddenly his eyes open to the world around him and boom, success. Only this drug leads to FBI chases, dead old buddy, and a killer hangover. Literally — unless you're given a daily shot, which of course is supplied by Cooper's character, Eddie (Senator) Morra.

Bradley Cooper in 2011's Limitless
Bradley Cooper in 2011's Limitless

While I have thoroughly been enjoying the show, it seems as though America hasn't been quite as much. According to the CBS official website, the series started with a healthy approx. of 9.8 million viewers. However, the latest episode only had approx. 6.3 million viewers. The episodes in between have consistently been losing viewers, unfortunately, excluding the second to last which aired on the 5th of January.

This is all very disappointing as I have found the show to be quite entertaining. While lighthearted at times, the show can be interpreted as a commentary on the America we live in today. Life moves fast and you get sucked in unforgivingly, the main protagonist Brian can attest to that simple fact. Lazy and unmotivated (as a number of my fellow millennials tend to be), the first chance at an easy way to get ahead, Brian takes a pill formally known as NZT. As described earlier, this does not just come with rainbows and butterflies. Death follows, not just if you take this super drug, but if the wrong people find out and you do not cooperate with them.

Alas, the common viewer may just be watching to watch, the metaphor may go over there heads. And I think that is where the series falls short, at times. I often cannot tell if I should laugh, feel for the characters, or just change the channel.

Jake McDorman as Brian Finch on CBS' Limitless
Jake McDorman as Brian Finch on CBS' Limitless

I hope the network signs off on another season, perhaps to redeem it. Because at this point, that may be a long shot.


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