ByRenato Johnson Jr., writer at

Neither one attacked the other. Connor, does really want the fight. Floyd is comfortable. He's content to just enjoy the fruits of his labor. It would be something to see, if it ever did happen. People can say what they want about Floyd. But the man is tough as nails. When Mosley caught him with that cross in their fight. That was as hard of a strike as can be delivered for what they weighed. And Floyd took it. Not only did he take it, but by the end of the round. He was back in control. Connor also, is tough as nails. Unless one has ever been punched or kicked in the face. They won't have enough experience to know what Connor did against Mendes. Chad is as solidly built at that weight as one can be. And he was able to land some extremely brutal offense on McGregor. And not only did Connor take it. He got right up and within less than a minute later. Manifested the stoppage. This could be truly entertaining, but I don't think it's going to happen. I've said Connor McGregor is a young ALI. He'll talk to you, as he's beating your ass. He'll take U out when he says he's going to. Remember what Ali did 2 Liston?. Connor's bold enough to do that same type of thing. Hmmm.


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