ByJamie Edwards, writer at
Jamie Edwards

With rumors flying around like tie fighters about Star Wars Episode VIII the most talked of currently is who will play young Han Solo if an origin story or prequel comes to the big screen.

Finding the perfect Han is a mix of the easiest and the hardest thing to do. There are the overwhelmingly popular decisions such as Dave Franco or Liam Hemsworth, the ones who are well known and preestablished actors who would do a good job, based on previous performances, and look enough of the role to fill the shoes. Choices become difficult, however, when looking at open casting to find a closer match and challenging a new budding actor, making or breaking their career. I suggest we take a look in between the two to find someone who is preestablished, but has not yet completely proven their acting dexterity. Call it a long shot or even a shot in the dark, but the actor who I think would have these qualities is the X-Man himself, Lucas Till. He might not be our only hope, but he cartianly is a new one. Lucas Till has been around for a little while now, but hasn't yet had a career defining role. He has proved his ability to work with CG animation with his work in the X-Men franchise. He has the look of a young Harrison Ford, granted his hair will have to be dyed, and has the room in his repertoire to give young Solo some depth while keeping the classic Han we all love.

Opinions differ from person to person, but being open-minded is critical in this decision. So consider the thought of Lucas Till before making up your mind. After all, a galaxy far far away is at stake!


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