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In the Civil War comics, Sharon Carter was brainwashed by Dr. Faustus - and was forced to do a heinous act and murder Captain America. I do not believe her role in Marvel's MCU, warrants such a bold action, from a secondary character.

I just watched Marvel's [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), and I thought to myself - why introduce Hawkeye's family in a movie as big as The Avengers? With all the resources of Tony Stark, and why do we care that Hawkeye is a family man? Or maybe we will when Captain America:Civil War is over!

Why Would Hawkeye Join The Fight?

Why would Hawkeye join the cause, so he can partake in a war, that would risk grave injury - for the retired archer? At the end of Age of Ultron, Clint's third child was born, and it seemed like a safe bet that he would be hanging his quill up. I know, he spent his whole career staying off the government radar - so he could protect his family.

If he's done with the whole avenging business, then why would he be on the government's radar (from past actions), like we've already established - he spent his whole career in the dark. Is he just that loyal to Captain America, or did some prior action precipitates a response out of Old Man Clint? Why was the Magenta Archer in the first trailer so little?

When reading a fan theory, there are three likely reactions. The reaction as the writer of this article, I want you to just think hmm, maybe that's plausible? The other two are far less kind, with you calling me *expletives*, moron. The one that hurts the most, utter apathy towards this article.

If Cap Dies... Who Will Kill Him

We are entering Phase III of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, and there's no better way to raise the the stakes, then a beloved character's death. This is almost a necessity, this will further tensions on upcoming movies, and create an environment suitable, for Avengers: Infinity War.

Say Marvel, does the unthinkable, and kills Steve Rogers until 2018, when he resurrects from the dead - what character pulling the trigger would make the biggest impact on the story? We can eliminate Bucky, Sam, and Tony (he won't murder Steve) - and basically everyone on Team Cap.

If Baron Zemo was the man that did the actual killing, would it have the same gravitas - as say, someone that is extremely close to the World's Greatest Soldier? If Marvel, foregoes the merchandising for a couple of years of Steve Rogers, this would start Marvel off on an exciting new adventure!

Black Widow is the wild card (not Scarlet Witch) in Captain America: Civil War!

'Roma, Ro'mama, I'm talking about a Bad Romanov' - Is this really as far-fetch as it sounds, Black Widow does the unfathomable and kills her most trusted ally? Many of us are sick of the of the mind-controlling aspect of the MCU. So, the biggest question, what would make Black Widow carry-out these plans - and also keep her respectable (a tall order)?

Black Widow is one of the most well-like heroes operating in today's business - because her character is amongst the most complex in all of cinemas. Just imagine all the characteristics that are well-endowed upon her (not like that, jeepers) and that's why Black Widow is the best choice, If this were to happen at the end of 'Civil War'. Civil War desperately need to change the status, and create a level of uncertainty that will propel each movie pass the competition!

Why Would Black Widow Assasinate Captain America and Hawkeye's Family?

First off, her killing Captain America, would have the same impact that Sharon Carter - caused in the comics. Also, killing Hawkeye's family occurred in the Ultimate Comics. With her becoming a traitor and doing Voldemort type of activities - the only questions remains why would the assassin - extraordinaire do this to her own teammate? Let me remind my three readers, this is only a speculation of what I would find the biggest shock, to occur in Captain America!

She is far too popular of character, for Marvel to come out and say she has been working with Baron Zemo this whole time. When she goes to recruit Hawkeye, someone from Zemo's team could be following her - and they make this horrendous act look like Stark perpetrated this on purpose. If your family just died, would you be thinking straight?

Zemo does this, to create even more tensions in the superhero community - so that the heroes will fight one another, instead of realizing he's trying to accomplished some malevolent plot. If this were to happen, even though the Russos brothers said recently, that this movie is funnier than The Winter Soldier (Joe and Anthony also want a Black Widow solo movie).

If Steve Rogers meets his untimely demise at the end of this movie, by another Avenger, then the ramifications of Marvel's MCU - will have unparalleled consequences. This will only increase the value of upcoming releases. Zemo will threaten Widow, with a catastrophe that would affect millions of people. Zemo knows if Hydra can kill the leader, then for years to come - The Avengers would be broken, and accomplishing his goals would be possible, with everyone mourning one of the greatest heroes to ever live. With Widow's past reputation, I believe her killing Cap - this would have far greater impact, than his new found love-interest. (There's no way Bucky would do it?)


This is a theory/speculation of what would happen if Black Widow pulls the trigger, and kills the Star Spangle Man. Hawkeye's family dying, would be tragic - and would explains their inclusion in Age of Ultron. I could be totally wrong, but I am very curious who will Captain America, if he does indeed die in Civil War. I have no clue. of who else might die? Thanks for reading and feel free to disagree!

Captain America: Civil War hit theaters on May 6, 2016 in the United States!


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