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For quite a few Sundance movie goers the film Swiss Army Man turned out to be a huge disappointment. In fact, dozens headed for the exits in the middle of the feature, which included several of the films investors. How embarrassing.

The film, directed by two feature film newcomers Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert of Sundance Labs, tried to tell a story of a distraught man, played by Paul Dano, stuck on a deserted Island who has a dead man, played by Daniel Radcliffe, wash up on the beach one day. The film includes some very unique experimental elements such as an out of place kissing scene between the corps and Dano's character.

"This film left a bad taste in my mouth. If this is what's to come at this festival this year, then I'm going to leave very disappointed. I expect so much better from Sundance."

And another movie goer added,

"Very disappointed. Radcliffe is a great actor but choosing to work on a film like this is nothing less than wasting investors money, not to mention the movie goers hard-earned cash. So many things wrong with this film..."

Radcliffe's reputation for choosing good films to work on has taken a beating in the last few years putting out a string of box office losers, including his last offering Victor Frankenstein.

Swiss Army Man is in the U.S. Dramatic Catagory and will have five more screening throughout the festival.


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