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A beginning for this tow LAUREL & HARDY

The transition from silent to sound films had consequences for Laurel & Hardy: They were more successful.

On the originality of their silent films but came up a little later work.

Laurel & Hardy POETRY presents three special pearls from the creative heyday of the duo:


_ While Oliver Hardy mainly earned as an actor in the joint work, Stan Laurel is considered the creative head of the duo. _

LIBERTY (1929)

Finally they arrive at the site of a skyscraper and advised against their will by lift to the highest point of the scaffold. During the ride to the top finally manage to replace the pants. Ollie Henceforth tweaked from cancer. Before she can go back again, the lift disappears again. ( _ I just love this tow - my grandmother was watching with me this tow crazy people sometimes on the weekend _ )



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