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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is enjoying mind blowing acclaim and with Episode VIII getting delayed and it's time slot being taken by Pirates Of The Carribean 5 (WTF, Disney?) we all want to know where the new and old characters go from there.

Well, we had an answer for that, even before TFA, it's called the Expanded Universe, further continuing the adventures, until it was f****d in the arse when Disney de-canonized it, meaning fans of the EU, were being put down by Disney, for buying the godly amount of books, video games and such.

Up until that point, the EU was considered nothing than glorified fan fiction (Which to be fair, it kinda was) and with the new films, books, video games, tv shows approved by Disney, in 2015, new life was breathed by the franchise with the (mostly) decent Star Wars Rebels, and with the new cinematic venture being The Force Awakens, you gotta wonder: Did Gee Gee Abraham take any inspiration from the EU? Yes. Yes, he did.

Let's count down 4 Things That The Force Awakens took from the EU:

#1: Kylo Ren DesIgn = Darth Revan

Let's be honest, the design for Kylo Ren clearly resembles that of Darth Revan, the clothing, the lightsaber (kind of, the whole crossguard thing, except for that) and the mask has a similar structure to his mask, soooo he's Darth Revan, well, one theory was doing the rounds that Kylo Ren was indeed Darth Revan, which, if you've seen the film, is not true.

Still, they are pretty bloody similar.

#2: Starkiller Base = Sun Crusher

Let's see, both the Sun Crusher and Starkiller Base absord power from the sun (i suppose) and destroy other planets, with the power of it. JJ Abrams kinda made Starkiller Base as a homage to the Death Star, so i guess that Starkiller Base is more of a rip off of the Death Star, than Sun Crusher.

Bu they're similar...kind of.

#3: One Of Han Solo's Sons Turn To The Dark Side

Kylo Ren AKA Ben Solo ( SPOILERS, But go see the movie, wanker!) is revealed to be the son of Han Solo, which was the movie's defining twist. But that wasn't the first time the concept of one of Han's sons being turned to the dark side of the force, the other time was called Jacen Solo AKA Darth Caedus ( I don't know if i spelled that right, but who cares about Grammar Nazis?) and yes, while many believed that Kylo Ren is Luke (Seriously?) and a bunch of other bonkers theories, the twist was shocking, to say atleast.

And made Kylo Ren a good character, and if you like Kylo Ren, go see the latest SNL skit with the actor, Adam Driver (SPOILERS, it's fucking hilarious).

#4: Luke's Jedi Academy

By the time the curtains of Return Of The Jedi close, everyone asked "what happens next?" and "Where does Luke go from here?" well, in order to restore the Jedi, Luke started a New Jedi Order, or a new Jedi Academy to train youngsters to become true Jedi, and while that concept was used briefly in The Force Awakens, until all the students got brutally murdered by Kylo Ren and the Knights Of Ren.

Well, i bet they were good mates!


Now with Star Wars back! Fans can rejoice and wait as Episode VIII drops on December 2017 (*cries in corner*) with Star Wars Rebels, Battlefront and many others to comfort us during the wait.

That was long, Here's some Yoda gifs:


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