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Star Wars is the most beloved literature franchise ever with the combinations of the films, TV shows, video games, novels, comics and more; all being connected in one storyline. We got to see Star Wars return to the big screen with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which grossed almost 2 billion dollars worldwide! Star Wars: Rebels has made its comeback after the winter break and there is a lot of hype around the show from the awesome trailer that launched last week.

Episode VII left us with a ton of questions like if Rey is the daughter of Luke Skywalker, if the force ghosts are with Luke, and how Maz Kanata found that lighsaber. But perhaps one of the most questionable or mysterious subjects from the film was Supreme Leader Snoke himself. There were multiple rumors floating around before and after the film's release being highly interesting and mind boggling to being upmost absolutely ridiculous (Jar-Jar Binks, really?). You would think that we would have a better idea for who Snoke would be after Episode VII, but it's just like the Arrow Season 4 debate of who's in the grave; every time we get to see more, it throws us off even more!

What Do We Know About Snoke?

Snoke is the supreme leader or the Emperor Palpatine figure of the First Order. He is force sensitive and is the powerful figure that took Kylo Ren away from Luke Skywalker and the light side of the force and made him pure evil, even more than Anakin Skywalker. Anakin wasn't emerged in the dark side as he was powerful as he still had some good in him. He had failed Palpatine's test of killing his son, Luke. Obviously, he fulfilled the prophecy and restored order to the light side of the force by saving Luke and killing the Emperor. Kylo Ren's test was to kill his father, Han Solo, which he has accomplished.

Apparently, Snoke has seen it all. He has seen the rise and eventual fall of the Galactic Empire. The rise of the Galactic Empire is the prequel trilogy, the height was after the Clone Wars until the fall which was Return of the Jedi. This means that Snoke had to be around during the prequel trilogy. The rise really started to take shape before The Phantom Menace, so how many characters could there be that was alive then and alive in the sequel trilogy? I thought this would be Palpatine, and I really wished it was, but it's just not the right move. Perhaps the most under-used character will have some light shed on him...

Darth Maul is Supreme Leader Snoke!

You guys can drop the mic now because I'm sure most of you didn't even consider Darth Maul to be Snoke. Well, Darth Maul was Palpatine's first apprentice, he was around right at the start of the Empire. Palpatine wanted to keep his apprentices fresh and new. For example, in Episode III, Sidious made Anakin kill Count Dooku to then take on Anakin as his new apprentice. Palpatine was not upset when Maul "died" at the end of Episode I as he brought upon a new apprentice, Count Dooku. When Darth Maul returned during the Clone Wars, he was upset that the Clone Wars had started without him. He told his brother, Savage Opress how he was the apprentice of the most powerful being in the galaxy, and it was taken from him. When he finally met Palpatine again, Palpatine viewed him as an enemy now and wanted to get rid of Maul. Darth Maul escaped with his life, but Emperor Palpatine viewed him as dead and continued with his mission. Darth Maul's story was left on a cliffhanger, for a reason. It seems that we will see him very soon in Star Wars: Rebels. Watch the trailer below at about 2:15:

We see Maul for a glimpse of a second as he calls himself "old master". He has been in exile for a long time, watching the Galactic Empire rise. As he is a character of revenge, he will want revenge on Palpatine. He is in exile at an old sith temple, attempting to find the files of the old Sith to find out how to become immortal. He tries to find relics and books to try and study Darth Plagueis, who mastered immortality. When he meets Ezra, he will try and seduce him to the dark side like his master and the master before him have done. There have been many rumors that Ezra will turn to the dark side, and Darth Maul would be the one to try and do it. If Ezra becomes Maul's apprentice at the end of Star Wars: Rebels, from then throughout the timeline of the classic trilogy, they could finally find a way to make Darth Maul immortal. When they finally figure out how to turn Darth Maul immortal, he begins to look very old and take a similar appearance of Plagueis as that is what immortals would look like. Darth Maul looses his horns and his skin turns gray from this process. This is why Snoke and Plagueis share similar appearances.

After the fall of the Galactic Empire, Maul and Ezra go out to rebuild their plan of the First Order. Maul would slowly take over all the abandoned Empire troopers, ships, and bases. Maul changes his name to Snoke as he doesn't want his identity to be revealed as he knows Luke Skywalker keeps in touch with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke Skywalker feels the force and feels trouble. This the reason why he begins to build a new Jedi academy and train young Jedi, to fight aganist the First Order.

Maul has done his research and feels that Ben Solo is the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. He feels that he is very strong in the force. He tracks him for a majority of his life and eventually, his traces leave him to find Skywalker's new Jedi Academy. He slowly turns Ben Solo over to the Dark side, promising more power than he could ever imagine. Ben and Ezra go and attack the Jedi academy, wiping them all out. They battle Luke Skywalker, where Ezra is killed but Luke runs into hiding in the old Jedi temple. Ben Solo becomes Kylo Ren and him and Snoke begin to build the First Order.

I admit that this is a bit of a crazy theory, but a lot of it lines up. The speculation could probably be changed around, but the basis could potentially be true. Darth Maul is being brought back in between the release dates of Episode VII and VIII, perhaps we are beginning to find out his journey. A lot of my other speculation could be explained in novels or comics, possibly even a new TV show.


Could Darth Maul be Supreme Leader Snoke?

Do YOU guys agree with my theory? Talk about it below!


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