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3 Bahadur (The three brave ones)- Is a Pakistani animated movies which was released on 22 MAY 2015 domestically and 13 Nov 2015 worldwide.The movie was directed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy ( An Oscars Winner).The plot revolved around the young children Saadi, Kaamil and Amna who live in Roshan Basti (A Town Of Lights) but an evil man with evil power comes and starts to destroy thetown.They destroy him to save the town. The movie was really successful and was praised by everyone who watched it. The movie was distributed by ARY FILMS. Saadi,Kaamil and Amna had a great impact on childrens mind and they leant how education and courage can defeat every bad thing such as Mangu the villain of this film.The film had english subtitles as well as everyone did a great job. Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy won the hearts of people and the affects in the movie were amazing .

The sequel to this movie is also being made and will release late in 2016.I recommend all of the children to watch this movie and see the birth of courage. The movie will soon be out in DVD form so dont forget to watch. This is the best way to finish boredom!


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