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Lauren Cohan in "The Boy"
Lauren Cohan in "The Boy"

"The Boy" one of this years most anticipated horror films about a very unsettling looking doll. This movie starring Lauren Cohan (AKA Maggie from AMC's ''The Walking Dead") depicts a story about an old couple seeking a nanny for their "little boy", only problem? Its a doll. Throughout this movie it succeeds in giving you a creepy feel, by using simple yet effective techniques. Unlike other most recent horror films this movie does not use jump scares as their sole method of scaring the audience. This movie does a hell of a good job with with keeping surprises coming, from the overall climax to the even the beginning leaving you wanting more. But If you are wanting to watch this movie for the scare of your life then you might have to look elsewhere. Overall this movie exceeded my expectation with its plot line but disappointed me with lack of scariness. By the end of this movie you come to realize this movie should be labeled as a "Thriller" not a "Horror" movie.


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