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A well known fact then and an entirely awaited moment now, the actual war in The Marvel Cinematic Universe has almost set its way to prominence with a wealth of aggressive potential featuring a vast amount of characters and the more than capable filmmakers at its helm. Now here's the main question ever since the hype train formulated its way into existence: Whose side are you on? Keeping in mind that this is something more than a feud between two Marvel leads - an entirely massive game changing event brought to us by the same geniuses that did an almost unique job with The Winter Soldier, which I reviewed in detail a few months before, check it out here if you must.

Now let's cut to the chase, before we cut to the chase between Cap, Black Panther and Bucky in the trailer. Alright, I'm just overjoyed. But we do know that apart from the new additions, most of the ensemble have gone their way through ups and downs and now have all the perfect reasons to have earned their spotlight in Civil War. Considering it headlines two of the most iconic Marvel leads as of right now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, let's retrace their paths from scratch to glory!

Iron Man!

Director Jon Favreau did a firmly logical job on kick-starting the universe in the first place. The idea was simple, to use self created dialogues so as to align the characters with what people usually do in the real world. Robert Downey Jr's career resurrecting role is beyond the best of the best, sir! Uh, no, that's more like Captain America's line but Iron Man's lead role casting was awesomely done. The first movie's overall impact was actually rather serious but that didn't mean it had no reason to still associate itself with the younger audiences with an open feeling of awesomeness and the perfect amount of style and substance, albeit with a few intense references here and there. Unlike most other first chapters, this one offers something unique out of irony, which I once reviewed here. It's in several ways an unexpected turn of events that led to masterpiece quality experience, not to forget Tony's character development was top notch. The villains were as astutely menacing as they could get but pretty much only that but the final face-off ought to satisfy most wild expectations of any sort. All in all, this is truly a new era of modern filmmaking and I'd definitely rate it an 8.5/10.

Cameo in the Incredible Hulk!

Not only was it an awesome plus point but possibly an indirect reference that Marvel were planning their setup to Captain America: Civil War. For someone like Tony Stark/ Iron Man, it seems legit enough to have a grand appearance with a suitable quote.

Jon Favreau was hired to do the sequel to which I would say he did a pretty good job even if most people believe it to be inferior to the original. For once, it stayed true to Tony's dying destiny that led to something entirely new and original that saved him yet again in irony. Plus, Black Widow as a secondary character was well done and I'm betting that most people loved her look the most in this movie. Though the stakes seem to be comparatively less, this isn't in several ways an underachievementc(Bonus - The Captain America shield Easter Egg). Plus, War Machine seemed coincidental at first but apparently necessary later. I'd definitely consider re-watching this while revisiting Phase 1 so I'd sensibly rate it a 7.5/10.

I think it's quite agreeable that Iron Man was the main reason people watched the Avengers in the first place. Also, his role was intense from start to finish. From tracking resources at S.H.I.E.L.D. to repairing the helicarrier to containing the city to taking the missile through the portal which impacts his character on a really troublesome scale! While some people wonder how he got back to Earth, there was this one scene in Iron Man where Jarvis suggests an upgrade if he wants to visit other planets. Besides, even in Iron Man 3, a little kid whispers "How did you get out of the wormhole?" as he wonders how. Maybe it's supposed to be a good thing in general.

Like I mentioned earlier, Iron Man 3 had a massive influence on Tony's character development just like the first two movies, even if it is not in par with the high quality standards of the best MCU movies ever made or what it looked like in the trailers. Out of all movies in Phase 2, this is probably the only one that took its lead character, chewed him up and spit him out. Sometimes the character's backstory seems a bit more essential than the movie itself. At least, that's a theory! Iron Man 3 despite its flaws managed to get some decent reviews and was slightly faithful to its source material (discount Iron Patriot and the major twist) overall. Also, it has a major build of storyline in 1999, a moment that includes the man who will lead to Iron Man in the future and the people who will eventually turn against him, and it happens after the Avengers. For all that build up, it would be fair to rate it a 7.5/10.

For those of you who wonder how or why Iron Man got back into his suit after Iron Man 3, an easy fix would be that the stakes had changed after HYDRA had been exposed. Also, in the court scene in Iron Man 2, he admits the suit and him are one and in the ending of 3, he says whatever you take from him, you can't take away that he's Iron Man. Similar to Iron Man 1, where he tries to rid the world of weapons and ironically gives it the best one ever, he builds a peace keeping program and ironically leads to a threat. Regardless of that when there's nothing they can possibly do to stop him (for the moment), he explains how they could bust into arms dealers but that portal up there was the endgame, meaning that he hadn't revived from the impact, which is a good thing for his character development. Plus, some pure awesomeness with his Hulkbuster armor so I'm guessing Iron Man is still many people's MCU delight.

So apparently, this is team Iron Man at the moment in Captain America: Civil War. I also think we could all agree that he's the one who's going to transform the movie's commercial progress into box office glory!

Now let's take a look at Captain America.

Captain America!

Isn't it weird that the First Avenger was introduced the last in Phase 1 before the Avengers? In a manner of logical speaking, it is not. As a duo bonus, the Tesseract which is lost to Earth from Asgard in Thor is discovered by the Red Skull later in this movie and both movies released in the same year so it does make sense that way. The origin of Captain America is everything you could appeal to, a weak guy being bullied and doesn't care where bullies come from cause they are one and the same, who has a best friend looking out for him and intends to make it to the army just like he did. The only difference then, is that unlike Iron Man's evolution in character, Cap remains the same even after selected and transformed into a super soldier with a fundamentally new purpose to take down formidable foes such as the Red Skull and the everlasting two heads of a head, HYDRA!

(It also features Howard Stark who Tony mentions that never even told him he liked him, well we know who he might have admired otherwise so it's all connected but fairly complicated!)

What arguably is the best thing about this movie is either the Star Spangled Man With A Plan, or Cap's evolution from a weak ling to a super soldier to a man lost in time, which is probably what aligns his character impact with Iron Man but still doesn't feel the same. I might lean onto this decent flick when I revisit Phase 1 so this too, deserves a 7.5/10.

I'm SO sorry, Cap! You did have plenty of awesome stunts in the Avengers but you were probably the least favorite Avenger for the majority. We even got to witness Hawkeye's character development (not in terms of backstory) as a villain and a hero so he's probably a slim margin ahead.

Cameo in Thor: The Dark World!

Hands down, this top's Iron Man's cameo in every possible way!

No way is this even possible in a Captain America sequel! It was more awesome than we all expected it to be. I'm sorry that I was SO sorry earlier, Cap! Though I'd like to point out that even though you've got the edge over Iron Man's second and third encounter, his character development is firmly ahead of yours. I mean, sure you just realized you became a 70 year ice bucket champion for nothing to prevent HYDRA's rule but you're still the same Cap I knew the first time around. Also, Black Widow's presence in this sequel makes this seem a lot like Iron Man 2's setup, which I discussed in detail here. The performances are solidly done and this movie sets a benchmark for the entire universe in general. Though I wouldn't say flawless, it's definitely a worthy emergence of awesomeness which sensationally earned itself a 9/10.

You earned it, Cap! Age Of Ultron portrays you with better action scenes, higher reputation and another great speech before the final encounter!

SO here's Team Captain America for the upcoming blockbuster titled Civil War, with his name so it might just be his playground!

Now it's time to choose a side!


Which was the better introduction?


Which was the better sequel?


Who earned a larger reputation in The Avengers movies?


Who had the better cameo?

Since Black Widow starred in both their sequels, she might be the double Agent as everyone is speculating her to be. I suppose her mind says Iron Man while her heart says Captain America and I'm really looking forward to seeing her evolution on the game-changing event and kick-starter of Phase 3!


Who will Black Widow be loyal to?


And now, here it is, WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?

Let me know what you think!


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